The Bees

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  • Skin for DreamKaster’s Wacky R/Cs
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  • Release date 2021-07-17
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    The Bees:

    1) Twin-Prop Bee (dev) - multiple rotors, now possible with extreme camber effect. NB: Needs -dev and Ctrl+R for smooth flight.

    2) Single-Prop Bee (AI) - visually similar but AI-friendly (AI can't press Ctrl-R), so I couldn't retain the twin-prop effect, sadly.

    Essentially air-capable segways :)

    Both have RC and RL versions, set to RC by default.

    Updated with custom sounds.

    Credits: Acclaim for the game and Rotor (the base for the vehicle), Citywalker for her experiments (got me into this business) and for the rotors, me (obviously), and the lot of you for keeping the game alive. Thanks.


    P.S. If anyone wonders - the RC/RL versioning actually makes a lot of sense. Tracks like Wildland, Cliff Mountain, Cliffside Court, Frigid Peaks, Extreme G, Empire Volt City, RC Dream, SS Route Revolt, etc are definitely not RC tracks.

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  1. Hey there, took the liberty to switch this thing over to being a car pack since it’s two cars in two individual folders. Nice to see somebody carrying Citywalker’s legacy on, very creative!


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