WipEout Ship Pack

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    "Get ready for WipEout F3600 league crafts, Ballistic racing."

    this WipEout conversion pack is a collaboration of Matsilagi and Shara.
    it features 4 selectable cars, with 2 skins for each car.

    these car conversions are made to be faithful to the idea of Wipeout series, being a series of anti-gravity racers. these cars actually "float" above the ground, made to feel like an actual anti-gravity hovercraft, leaning into corners with ground stabilization and floaty handling.

    unique to this conversion pack, the vehicles here features a new handling model that is even more accurate to the original WipEout game, with physical leaning pivot and smoother-yet-floaty steering.

    the conversion pack includes:
    - F3600 FEISAR         (full-handing, easy)
    - F3600 AG Systems  (semi-handling, medium)
    - F3600 Auricom        (semi-speed, hard)
    - F3600 Qirex            (full-speed, expert)

    - Matsilagi: prepared models, ripped sounds, provided info of Wipeout series, wip review and test, carbox design
    - Shara: port models into Re-Volt, car parameters, carbox revision, thumbnail design

    programs used
    - NinjaRipper: rip vehicle models
    - TIMViewer: view and export TIM files of PSX games
    - wipeout_cmp: convert wipeout texture arrays to TIM files
    - Blender: model polish and port into re-volt
    - Paint.NET: texture modifications, carbox creation
    - PSound: rip engine sound and rip horn sound

    other mentions
    - burner94: an idea of using bike leaning to complement the hover
    - Psygnosis / Studio Liverpool: developer of Wipeout series
    - Huki and RVGL devs: fixing engine bugs in RVGL, that allows these vehicles to be playable

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  1. Good use of the bike leaning effect! (Although the older spinner-tilt effect is also cute and unique, I’ll be using that older one because I have enough bike-y things in my collection.)

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