Wipeout 2097 Ship Pack

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  • Skin for DreamKaster’s Wacky R/Cs
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  • Release date 2021-09-07
  • Version from 2021-09-07
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    this pack is a collaboration of Matsilagi and Shara.
    it features 4 selectable cars, along with 1 unlockable secret car.
    each car features a default skin and additional color skins.

    these car conversions are made to be faithful to the idea of Wipeout series, being a series of anti-gravity racers. these cars actually "float" above the ground, made to feel like an actual anti-gravity hovercraft, leaning into corners with ground stabilization and floaty handling. the handling model is mainly inspired by the methodical weighty stiffness feel of the second game in the series, Wipeout 2097 (Wipeout XL), with its slower pace and stiffer handling.

    the conversion pack includes:
    - F5000 FEISAR         (easy control)
    - F5000 AG Systems  (agile accelerator)
    - F5000 Auricom        (all-rounder)
    - F5000 Qirex            (heavy rocket)
    x- F5000 Piranha       (perfect stats, restricted shoot weapons)

    ^Piranha is a secret car, unlockable by championship mode

    - Matsilagi: prepared models, ripped sounds, provided info of Wipeout series, wip review and test, carbox design
    - Shara: port models into Re-Volt, car parameters, carbox revision, thumbnail design

    programs used
    - TIMViewer: view and export TIM files of PSX games
    - Blender: model polish and port into re-volt
    - Paint.NET: texture modifications, create carbox & thumbnail
    - PSound: rip engine sound and rip horn sound

    other mentions
    - ThreeDmaniak: originally ripped models from pc version
    - Psygnosis / Studio Liverpool: developer of Wipeout series
    - Huki and RVGL devs: fixing engine bugs in RVGL, that allows these vehicles to be playable


1 comment on “Wipeout 2097 Ship Pack

  1. Wipeout 2097 conversion pack has received a major handling revision update:

    – steering is now way smoother and controllable, no more fighting with stiff ‘angle-reset’.
    – “wheel” location is now positioned right at the edge of the wing tips, this makes it easier to comprehend the collision bounds of the vehicles.
    – all cars are now classed as semi-pro


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