Re-Volt World Open 2022 – Entries

July 26th, 2022

The possibility to submit entries for the Re-Volt World Open 2022 has ended a few days ago. As you can see below, we got a lot of great submissions – this time we got in total 21 entries. All this creations you can download as a package, here at Re-Volt World. Be sure to test out all the submissions!

Afterwards, you are welcome to vote for your favourites in our Discord server.

On August 5th 2022, 18 UTC the voting will end, and we will determine the winners of the Re-Volt World Open 2022.

Thanks to everyone who participated, and have fun, everyone, in testing out the creations.

Download Full Package (566 MB)


  • Entry #01: Sidewinder by Brotato The Badass Spud
  • Entry #02: Whiskers by Trixed
  • Entry #03: Big Shot! by Durtvan
  • Entry #04: RH-67 by LivingWithGames
  • Entry #05: Inverted by Paperman
  • Entry #06: Retro Raider by ccxr1984
  • Entry #07: Hamadryas Amphinome by polarfox_cw
  • Entry #08: Truck-kun by Phimeek
  • Entry #09: New Speedometer by actualtoaster
  • Entry #10: RVCG Card Game by Xarc
  • Entry #11: Alleyways Basic by Powerate
  • Entry #12: Nevermore by Tubers
  • Entry #13: Re-Volt Hardcore by Ahma and Erzu
  • Entry #14: Gungnir by TTDriver
  • Entry #15: Titan CV by Ghoster
  • Entry #16: Wipeout FX350 Ship Pack by Shara
  • Entry #17: Toys in the Hood Night Pack by Chris
  • Entry #18: Beehive Valley Challenges – Vol.1 by Kiwi
  • Entry #19: Wasteland 2 by FK02
  • Entry #20: Solstice by Ajax9312
  • Entry #21: Antigrav SC Pack by Keyran