Capri 78 model

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    A Ford Capri (1978) as MAKEITGOOD instance (like BMW in hood levels).
    It's a big version of the race car:

    Author: motorhand
    Idea and Support: kiwi
    Software: blender and mspaint

    Track creators put these two files into a level folder:
    capri.prm (2269 faces / 179kb)
    capri.ncp (185 faces / 19kb)

    The skin template fills a rectangle of 88x256px and its source is the "i" file.
    Title should be this: levelnamei.bmp (levelname = your level title).
    Alternatively the image path can be reset in blender or similar software.

    License: You can do anything you would like including model and texture.

4 comments on “Capri 78 model

  1. Hi GreenJ, it’s a real exististing kart track where I’ve been several times.
    But there is still a lot work until I will show it here ;-)

  2. Is the main preview picture taken on an unreleased or upcoming level? If that’s the case, what’s the name of it and what type of track will it be?

  3. Really liking the idea of full-sized cars to be used as track props/decorations (and, let’s face it, the TITH fake BMW didn’t age well at all :P), hoping to see more in the future.
    Personally I would’ve made the windows a bit less opaque, they kinda look “tinted” as it stands now, but great model nevertheless – and I appreciate the fact you built a low res model for its collision (.ncp) too.


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