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    Public-release template for making chibi cars in the style of Starfire GT. A demo car, paintkit template, Blender 2.79b files, and a README are included.

    The chassis was modelled after both the Choro Q HG2 chassis as well as Tamiya short-wheelbase chassis designs (i.e. SW01, GF01)


    There's no need to be consistent with my style nor to even stick with the chibi dimensions. However, if you wish to create a car consistent with my own chibi cars here are some pointers:

    1. body.prm model is vertex-shaded ranging from 50% gray at the bottom to 100% at the roof.
    2. body.prm is usually separated into several meshes for smoother environmental lighting.
    3. Wheel wells follow the verticies of the chassis fenders.
    4. Use the included square profile wheels for road cars, the round wheels are appropriate for offroaders.
    5. The "Chassis Cover" object is joined with the rest of body.prm so that the interior of the body shell is blacked out.

    1. Texture is 512x512
    2. Main shadows are rendered and baked as a texture. Use a multiply layer with a low (~40-80) opacity.
    3. Wheel texture is 100x100 for a larger diameter, 92x92 for a smaller diameter. "Wheel Round" (used by June Bug) uses 100x100 rims.

    1. Folder name is "chibi____"
    2. Custom shadow is used. 2.73 soft setting with a gaussian blur of 3 applied afterwards in
    3. Car is rookie, electric, AWD.
    4. Car weight is typically 1.2kg.
    5. Wheelbase and track width are both 36 RV units. (18x and 18z for each wheel)
    6. Slower cars are balanced to Phat Slug/Dust Mite tier. The fastest cars are about equal with RC Bandit/Dr. Grudge.
    7. Aerial is on the left side of the car (since the "reciever" is modeled on the left side).
    8. Custom AI is used. (contact me on Discord for help with this if needed).


    Rights and Acknowledgements:

    • Thanks to burner94 for initially giving me permission to use Starfire GT as a basis for my chibi cars.
    • Credit to Xarc and his decal sheet for the textures used in the chassis parts.

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