Finland: Improved

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  • Release date 2023-07-19
  • Version from 2023-07-18
  • Version 1.0
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    WARNING: This mod is not compatible for multiplayer mod, unless every player has it installed.

    What's new in the following mod?
    - Brand new Reverse mode. To make it possible, both world and collision files were modified to allow cars to go in the opposite way.
    - Improved AI with the help of yun for normal and reverse mode, as much as it's possible due to many cars just spin non-stop when they lose control, due to the slippery surface in most of the track, specifically on Pro and Super Pro classes.
    - Fixed collision properties at some sections of the track that had the Default property when it shouldn't.
    - Modified track properties for Ice and a new "Wet Gravel", based on the snow from Snowland 1 by Xarc.
    - More Pick-ups and a Global Star were added (thanks yun).
    - Added a new skybox taken from Aspenside R (thanks Tubers for your permission).
    - Visiboxes and custom ENV were removed.

    It was not possible to contact the original author of this track.

2 comments on “Finland: Improved

  1. As this is a track mod and not a standalone-track, you need the original track as a base. Look in the “Track Mod for” section below the download button, or follow this link to get the main track:

    Beware: Install the base track BEFORE you install the track mod, OR don’t replace the files which were coming together with the “Finland: Improved” download. Hope it works! Have fun :)


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