Images Of Giza: Redux

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  • Construction 3D Modeling (Remodel/Conversion)
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  • Track length 392 m
  • Reverse version available? Yes
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    Redux version for the Re-Volt I/O track-pack done by Saffron.
    Readme as provided with the original track:

    Images Of Giza

    Textures From UT2k4. Modeled By Skitch2. In Game editing by Skitch2.

    The Story.

    While fighting for 1st place in the muse2, RC Bandit took a tight right hander and hit an ancient relic from Egypt's past. In a Flash of blue light all 12 RC Racers faded into a dark place, only to arrive into a new unknown land. The great Pyramids stood proud and brand new, the sun setting behind the tombs of old. The cars rushed forward, the doors of the chambers slamming down behind, stopping them from retreating. Forward was now their only chance of escaping from this self sealing tomb.

    This is a short,tight, tricky race!!

    Its design was made for the Bronze cars ( Bandit,Grudge, Slugg and the like ) but Faster ones will get round it. The Frame rate may not be the best on this one as it does contain a hight poly count so those with slower PCs may find it a bit laggy. There is an oil trapp in the track that even though can be frustraiting, it cracks me up so much I cant drive for laughing, so i hope you like that one. It was unintentional, the AI cars decided that that was a good place to dropp EVERY single oil pickup in that spot. lol

    Have fun.


    More soon from me.

    Many thanx go to all of you who still race and contribute to Re-Volt.

1 comment on “Images Of Giza: Redux

  1. Why is there no steering arrow in Images of Giza and why is there no steering arrow in Images of Giza Redux ?
    Mystery !
    Because it would be 100/100 for me without it !!!
    It’s a very good track.


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