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  • Release date 2021-05-14
  • Version from 2022-09-13
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  • RVW-ID 27502
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  • Score
    92/100 (46 votes)
  • Unconventional car?
  • Construction
  • Engine
  • Transmission
  • Top speed mph
  • Total weight kg
  • Acceleration m/s²
  • Construction 3D Modeling (Original)
  • Track difficulty Easy
  • Track length 237 m
  • Reverse version available? Yes
  • Time trial times available? Yes
  • Practice mode star available? Yes
  • Online multiplayer compatible?

    Small, fast-paced action on the ground floor of a cozy family house.
    All the while, a light rainstorm endlessly drizzles outside.

    THIS LEVEL REQUIRES RVGL 20.0430a (or higher) TO RUN.

    This level locked until the Bronze Cup championship is won.
    Unlock reversed mode by beating time trial challenge time.

    Update 6/20/2021 - Fixed geometry error on fishbowl. Fixed year of release in _README_.txt

    Update 9/13/2022 -Fixed sink collision. Fixed edgeflow on sunroom floor near the door. Fixed flickering shadow on reflective floors. Removed lightflk.wav (unused). Fixed instance reflections. Added glass to sunroom/bedroom doors (glass4.prm)

5 comments on “Home 1

  1. I like this track, you can do 10 laps on this track as it is very small, this track is very beautiful and it has a lot of scenery.

  2. This is one of the most beautiful [i]and[/i] one of the most stock-like tracks that has ever been made. It looks like a cross between Toys in the Hood 2 and a Pixar film. I am very impressed. There are also lots of details, my favourite ones currently being the animated television and the magna doodle. There are plenty more, though: explore the track in Practice mode to find a lot more to see (and hear!). What I also love about the surroundings is that all things that should be interactable are so: you can drive into the block tower and it will fall over, and you can kick the ball around.
    All in all, the graphics are astounding. I do have two reserves to make: firstly, why are several of the textures fairly low res? It’s not too noticeable during the races, but if you check out the details of the track it is very apparent. Secondly, why would anyone put up the same portrait three times on one floor? Personally, I would rather have two of them gone, but it would be best if they showed other portraits.
    The gameplay is extremely simple. The race is very easy and I could only find one cut that you can make. Granted, the AI nodes are good, which can still make the race fun and challenging. However, with such a simple line it is just not very satisfying. It is also very short, so that you can hardly get enough excitement in 3 laps anyway. What I really dislike about the racing line is that you can wall-ride in places where it looks like you shouldn’t be able to. The collission was simplified, presumably to make the race even easier, but I really think that was not necessary, as the hallways are quite wide enough to not have to wallride in, and it being possible makes it feel even less satisfying to drive through them.
    Overall, this is an [i]amazing[/i] track to look at. It is stunning. I think that it is not interesting enough to race though, being too easy and too short. But you should get this track at least to play through it in Practice mode.

    Video: https://youtu.be/npUjgjnoJyk

  3. Most of you know I grew up with the tracks made by Gabor Varga in the early 2000’s and that his tracks always was “state of the art” in terms of stock-like custom Re-Volt tracks for me. His tracks even inspired me to start track making on my own. They influenced me quite a lot in terms of style and design.

    With the Home tracks, G_J (and I_Spy) finally became my personal successors of Gabor. At Rooftops 1 I smelled something like this already. With the Fairground tracks it become more clear. But with the Home tracks it’s official now. There is not a single custom track made since 1999, which looks more “stock-like” than the pair of Home tracks. Even PetroVolt was more of a successor of the Hood tracks, than a stand-alone track. Quake! and Venice were, but the quality of modelling and textures was lacking a bit sometimes. Also they don’t came in “pairs” like Fairground or Home does.

    At the Home tracks I am also very impressed when I look at the technics: Where I need 10-times the amount of polygons or effects, G_J needs only a handful to build an awesome and end of 90’s looking scene. Everything is spot-on. And everything is handmade. I love the fact that there are only very little re-used assets (like the milk box from the Supermarket tracks). The perfect example is the car inside the garage at Home 2: No, it’s not the typical Hood BMW as you maybe would expect. Things like this show how much passion and love the creators put into this creations.

    Most impressive for me is the amount of small details, without letting explode the polygon count. My favourites are for example the spider-webs in the attic. And I am also impressed by the use of texture- and model-animations. They do not scream “Look, oh my god, I am a custom animated model!!”, no, they are just there without screaming. The clock (which actually works!), the Bugs Bunny scene in the TV, the raindrops at the windows – everything feels spot-on and natural.

    Another thing to mention is the atmosphere. The lazy-rainy-sunday-afternoon feeling is awesome. I’m sure most Re-Volt players dreamt of RC-car races in their house/flat one day. But it stays a dream, because houses are not built in a way RC-cars could actually race in it. There are too much obstacles and there is too less space. The really impressive thing on the Home tracks is, that racing works just fine, with keep the house look realistic. Every room is designed in a way you immediately know where you are but racing through the room is also possible. That’s maybe the most impressive achievement of the Home tracks. The SFX is just the cherry on the top regarding athmosphere. Door bell, telephone ringing, rain outside – and everything with this 90’s feeling.

    After the issues with the raceline the Fairground tracks had, the Home tracks are much more conservative. No oncoming traffic parts, no custom animations blocking the race-line. The races seems easy at first, but the awesome AI make your life hard. As there are no places where the AI can get stuck, it’s pretty hard to beat it. Singleplayer races are really fun. The AI take alternate lines to get pickups sometimes, which make the races very diversified. The Home 1 track has a very (very!) short race-line. Round 15 seconds with a Pro car. But I like it! There are maybe too many long custom tracks around anyway. Such a short track is really refreshing. Home 2 has a much more diversified race-line, with up- and down parts and tricky chicanes. It also reuse the Home 1 area in a very clever way, which give an extra-point from me.

    That’s a lot of praising. But I really can’t think of any negative thing. If I have to find something, I would mention the music. The track by Qvarcos itself is nice, but maybe a more fast-paces track would have fit better.

    All in all Home 1 and Home 2 are my favourite Re-Volt custom tracks at the moment, and I am pretty sure it will stay like this for a long time.

  4. this track, to say this least is very high speed high stakes, with many little catches along the way, which prove for a challenge if you run 16 AI like I do. otherwise great quality, looks like its right out of the base game, definitely recommend


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