Fairground 1

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  • Release date 2020-10-14
  • Version from 2024/01/26
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  • RVW-ID 1529
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    92/100 (44 votes)
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  • Track length 375 m
  • Reverse version available? Yes
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  • Online multiplayer compatible?

    THIS LEVEL REQUIRES RVGL 20.0430a (or higher) TO RUN.

    Difficulty: Medium

    It's time to take a trip to the Volt County Fair!

    Race along the outskirts of the fairground:
    Where concession stands serve a huge variety of fried foods, and a peaceful stroll through the picnic area provides some shade.

8 comments on “Fairground 1

  1. Quick update fixing the trackzone cheat at the doughnut stand, repo at the end of the picnic area, and making the practice star more obtainable.

  2. Update 4/10/22:
    Optimizations that should help improve performance

    -Added .bmr mipmaps
    -Added missing wall at entrance of open livestock cage
    -Fixed shading errors on ferris wheel models
    -Removed black artifacts on popcorn particles
    -Added Visiboxes
    -Reduced vertices on: fanblade.m, ferris.m, legs.m, carraiges,
    -Removed fangrill.ncp and slushi.ncp
    -Added missing instance to reversed mode (feed.prm)
    -Reduced polygon count of fair1.ncp
    -Revised collision of yellow tent
    -Adjusted farclip for lower graphic settings

  3. I will make comments for both tracks – Fairground 1 and Fairground 2, but some of the comments written here goes for both tracks.

    When I first saw the Rooftops 1 preview picture, I already knew that this guys are knowing what they do. And this tracks confirmed this once more.

    For me, this is the most impressive pair of tracks since the original Re-Volt tracks were released in 1999. In short: The tracks combine 2 things, which let me think so: 1) They combine stock-like low-poly design, without copying parts from already existing tracks. 2) The tracks spice-up the overall very conservative approach, and use modern features RVGL introduced over the last years in a perfect way.

    And all this, with considering small details like having a short (and easy), and a long (and harder) track. Even the time-trial times take care of the original stock tracks system – only the Fairground 2 time is made to be beaten with Pro cars.

    Look how many polygons this tracks needs, to let it look like this. Not many. This is something also the stock tracks did. Yes, in 1999 this had technical reasons. But this is also something I expect from a custom Re-Volt track in 2020. It’s not necessary to let a track look good by using stuff like modelled fences, add extra layers of shadows, or having HD textures. It’s not easy to do so, but G_J and I Spy did this in perfection. Kudos for that. This is something I also want to reach for my next tracks. I already tried to do so at my previous tracks, but the Fairground tracks motivated me to try even more.

    Another thing I am very impressed of, are the textures. I can’t remember when I saw hand-crafted textures like this the last time. Maybe it was at Jailhouse Rock. They are completely fresh, and I think I never saw such a perfect mapping before. I wasn’t able to find a single mapping error until now.

    Having good looks by using well made meshes and nice texture is one thing. But adding atmosphere to a track by placing fitting SFX is another thing. All the sounds on this tracks are awesome. The sounds made me smell the popcorn, and all the other typical tastes you can smell at a fairground. And the pigs. Yeah, the pigs. Custom animations allow cool stuff nowadays, but seeing this animated animals made me smile so damn much.

    Besides the absolutely fantastic visuals and sounds, Fairground 1 is also fun to race on. It has an easy to remember race line, but you also can make a lot of mistakes. This makes it very fun in singleplayer. In multiplayer the races can be a little bit more frustrating, especially because of the oncoming traffic section. But other than that I like the flow of the track. The pickups are placed well, the AI is good enough.

    Everything Fairground 1 is doing, Fairground 2 is doing much more. This goes for the positive things, but sadly also for the few negative things. More in my Fairground 2 review.

  4. Much simpler than Fairground 2, and unique. Very nice driving track – powerups do bring some fun here, but the track itself will provide enough chaos on its own. The race flows by in a moment, regardless of length. Gotta agree with 607’s comment on AI – they seem to not use their full power all the time.

  5. It is a very well-themed track, and looks really good. There are lots of impressive details, in the textures, but also in animations. The movement in the pigs, for example, is really cool.
    This track is fun to drive too. It is short, but not too short, and it is quite challenging. The only bad thing I can say about this track is that the AI isn’t great, which makes it easy to beat.
    Overall though, a graphically very impressive track that is also fun to race! Great job!

    Video: https://youtu.be/j_inmuM-hps


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