Drifter X

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  • Unique foldername NFM_drifter
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  • Based on DreamKaster’s Wacky R/Cs
  • Release date 2019-08-03
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  • RVW-ID 20369
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  • Construction Conversion
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    After a bit of a hiatus, here's another NFM conversion, more will come at a later date. Special thanks to RexyWood for providing me the original models in .obj format and the engine sounds. Includes a green variation of the regular skin from DS Mod. Partially repaintable (the black bits need to stay, thought it was a good idea because they are actual separate pieces on the real Veilside RX-7). Stephi provided the box art. Wheels by Cat. It's a bit of a pain on slippery surfaces due to the low grip and RWD drivetrain, but its relatively low weight and responsive steering make it a good tarmac racer.

2 comments on “Drifter X

  1. Thanks, I actually planned to rework all of the currently released ones fully before resuming conversions – technically speaking Sword of Justice is the next one in line.

    The reduxes for both Tornado Shark and Formula 7 are technically done, but given NFM cars are a bit boring to port and fix up it’ll take me a while, with real life matters also playing a role. Please be patient and thanks again for your input (:

  2. Fking amazing bro!! I am a nfm player since 2006 and ur version of nfm cars in revolt its beautiful!!! I hope you continue with this mini project and manage to create the other missing cars like El KING ,M A S H E E N ,R1


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