Summer Challenge 2023

July 1st, 2023 – Hello there, Re-Volters!

It’s summer time again! At least in the northern hemisphere. Reason enough to keep traditions. So same as last year we want to invite all Re-Volt players to join the Re-Volt World Summer Challenge. Differences to last year? A lot of new challenges. AND there will be some prizes this time! Horray! So continue reading. :)

What is this?

Every Re-Volt player can join this challenge. You don’t necessarily have to be a content creator. There are 20 tasks which has to be completed till the challenge deadline. For every completed task, 10 can be gained. After the deadline there will be also a total ranking. The top-3 players will get a reward of another 200, 150 or 100 . AND there will be some awesome prices this time!

Prizes to win

TROPHY: The overall winner of the Summer Challenge 2023 will get a very special symbol in front of their username. It will be displayed same as the well-known golden Supporters crown, but it will be something special. The winner will keep this trophy till next years Summer Challenge.

Also, every participant have the chance to win one of these nine prizes:

  • 1x 20 Euro Steam gift card
  • 2x Re-Volt World coffee mug
  • 6x Re-Volt World sticker

The winners will be chosen by a lucky fairy. Every Re-Volter who attended at least five challenges will be part of the lottery. After the lottery the Re-Volt World administration team will contact the winners and clarify details.

  • Deadline for submission is August 6th 2023, 20:00 UTC.
  • Please do not cheat in any way. Don’t use cheat codes, DEV-mode enabled, or similar (as long it’s not part of the challenge itself!) We can’t check this, but we are sure all Re-Volters will respect fairplay, right?
  • For all challenges it does not matter which physics mode you use (Arcade, Simulation,…).
  • You don’t have to complete all challenges to participate. You will get included in the final rank if you joined at least one challenge.
  • You need a Re-Volt World account to contribute.
Challenge tasks

You have 5 weeks to complete these 20 challenges:

  • Challenge 1: Finish a 3-lap Singleplayer race with RC Bandit on Toys in the Hood 1. – Maximum 5 points
  • Challenge 2: Drive below 00:33:000 with AMCO TC on Room 12×16. – Maximum 10 points
  • Challenge 3: Find and collect the Training star at Toys in the Night by using Turbo Wrench10 points
  • Challenge 4: Win a 1-lap Singleplayer race with RV Loco on CliffsideMaximum 15 points
  • Challenge 5: Find and collect the Training star at ToySoldierz (R). Please read the details section carefully! – 15 points
  • Challenge 6: Get on podium on the Lego Cup by using Phat SlugMaximum 20 points
  • Challenge 7: Make a personal skin for Nahesa25 points
  • Challenge 8: Drive below 00:23:000 with your personal Nahesa skin on Botanical Garden. – Maximum 30 points
  • Challenge 9: Attend the “Re-Volt, 1999” art contest. Details at the “Example & Details” section! – Maximum 30 points
  • Challenge 10: Collect a minimum of 10 stars on Train Stunts!Maximum 35 points
  • Challenge 11: Win a non-pickup 8-car 10-lap Singleplayer race with Sunnyboy on Appalachian RC. – Maximum 40 points
  • Challenge 12: Solve the “Readme-Puzzle”. Details at the “Example & Details” section! – 40 points
  • Challenge 13: Unlock the secret car at Skating Toys Redux50 points
  • Challenge 14: Win the Dash Cup by using Llag Sat60 points
  • Challenge 15: Attend the “Frosty Challenge”. Details at the “Example & Details” section! – Maximum 70 points
  • Challenge 16: Make a skin for Wildstar and attend the public voting – Maximum 75 points
  • Challenge 17: Drive below 00:34:000 with Puma on Cliffside CourtMaximum 80 points
  • Challenge 18: Attend the “Submarine challenge”. Details at the “Example & Details” section! – 80 points
  • Challenge 19: Collect all stars at School’s Stunts!90 points
  • Challenge 20: Attend all challenges! – 100 points

Please Read the “Details & Example Screenshots” section carefully, before submitting your screenshots!

Details & Example Screenshots
Submit your screenshots

Submit your screenshots by using the upload function down below.

  • Only visible for logged in users!
  • You can upload jpg, png, txt, zip, rar or 7z files.
  • Your username will be stored automatically together with your uploaded files.
  • You can use the upload function as often as you wish! Upload updated versions of your challenge screenshots anytime. We will have a look at the uploads manually, and just consider the latest entries, if there are more.

Submissions are closed.

Voting closed.

Results published.


Use the comment function below this article, to discuss about the Summer Challenge 2023. Feel free to post your status, ask questions, or anything else.

Have fun, everyone!

32 comments on “Summer Challenge 2023

  1. Normally there should be a green box saying “Upload successful”, so that’s indeed very strange! I really hope nobody else had the same issues…I’m a bit worried now! Let’s hope for the best.

    For future contest/challenge uploads we will make sure to ask people to have a close look if the green box appears after uploading, otherwise they may contact us.

    EDIT: The “new” voting is up now, including yun’s creations! ->

  2. Many thanks! I was worried about it since once you upload something there is no confirmation if something was correctly uploaded, despite uploading the file twice.
    Also sorry for the inconvenience but it felt really strange to be in No Man’s Land.

  3. @yun: There must have been an issue with your upload. We got hundreds of files uploaded just fine, but nothing from you :( In this case we will make an exception and we will add you in retrospect. Therefor I will also reset the current voting process, so everything will be fair.

    This also means we have exactly 30 participants now, yay! :)

  4. Hey, just asking whoever is in charge of the management of the contest:

    My stuff didn’t appear in the public vote despite uploading every challenge and everything that was required, was it a deliberate choice or is it a mistake?

    Edit: Doesn’t appear to be only me.

  5. I just realized this, upon the uploaded challenges, I have a terrible judgment in my lapse, the name for my Wildstar skin is too long, and will not load in the game. The file name will have to be tweaked for it to load, I am so sorry for that.

  6. Submissions are CLOSED! We will prepare the voting for challenges 9, 15 and 16 now. It should be online ~ tomorrow 20 UTC. After the voting (which will run for 1 week) the final results for the Summer Challenge 2023 will be published. Stay tuned!

    Spoiler: 29 users attended the event, which is awesome! Thanks for participating, everyone! :)

  7. I’ll be submitting soon, I won’t be doing all challenges, but at least more than half. I decided to do most in one week, I had other things to attend. Gotta be a good sport.

  8. @Zloy_Yarik: Until now we have 4 attenders with a 100% completion rate. Two users are only 1 challenge away from the 100%. So far, we got submissions from 25 different participants. In total 231 challenges were completed. Hopefully some more will follow the next 2 days! :)

  9. Well I absolutely tanked it but almost got half of the challenges, my time management never was on point but oh well, it was a pleasure participating! Fun challenges!

  10. I wonder, how many users managed to get a 100% rate (I do not care about their names)?

    Sorry, it’s just been 10 days since last comment here…

  11. Congrats, NVT_06! Still missing about half the challenges myself (and some I won’t attend because I’m biased), but I hope I can find some time finishing the complex ones during my vacation in 2 weeks. :)

  12. Finally, all tasks completed! Hope to get some points :D
    P.S. I think I accidentally uploaded some files twice, cause I’m on vacation and I can barely search something on Google due to the terrible internet connection, so sometimes the files failed to upload, but I think I sent everything…

  13. Thanks for the quick answer, and I don’t meant to pry more but I asked if it’s fine to exploit/abuse the track’s nodes to just start in front of the supposed starting line, as in “It’s not a shortcut/You are not supposed to start from there”, but I guess that works?

  14. If the track offers shortcuts, it’s allowed to use them.

    It’s not allowed to edit tracks by (for example) edit Pos-nodes, remove instances, and so on. Also it’s not allowed to edit the cars parameters to gain advantages. This is what we meant with “respect fair play”. We can’t check anything of these with only having screenshots available, but we want to keep the event as simple as possible. It would be a lot of work to ask attenders to record videos – both for the attenders, but also for us.

    Don’t forget that the whole contest is fun-oriented, so just try to have fun without thinking too much :)

  15. Hey there, I just want to re-ask about the legality of starting cuts, such as Challenge 2. Since the rules says that re-volters should respect fair play, I expect such things to be banned/forbidden and only legal lap times are allowed, but I still ask for 100% confirmation if possible.

    PS: Challenge is fun so far, except for some bits, but nothing major.

  16. I like these challenges, some of them are funny but a bit tough. There are even useful ones, where you have to improve your driving techniques and learn to push certain cars to the limit. What a cool way to do something new on RVGL :)

  17. Holy macaroni, today we got our 100th submission (from 12 different Re-Volters) for the Summer Challenge 2023. Thanks to all attenders, and keep submitting! By the way, one user managed to complete all the challenges already. Well done Mr. *peeeeeeep*! :)

  18. @kiwi I’ve thought about it before, but it’s Rookie. I think it would be unfair to change the parameters. Still, I was lucky, I came across a small Hot Wheels car from this pack as AI opponent:
    I shot fireworks:)
    @bonczy idk, but I completed this challenge the first time, even though I spent 2 or 3 attempts on Country Nightz. I advise you to use an Arcade mode.

  19. For challenge 4 you just need to compare the total race time and the best lap, there should be a very small difference because there is only one lap. The times from the AI cars don’t even need to be realistic.

  20. @bonczy challenge 6 is possible, albeit I struggled with it too, country nights took me 3 attempts to finish with a podium. While yes, the championship is difficult with Phat, it’s far from impossible. Try farming pickups as much as you can and play dirty against them.
    You also have to finish podium for 2 reasons that come to my mind atm:
    1. If you finish podium every race, that more or less guarantees you finishing in the podium overall.
    2. The cup was probably made before it was possible to set the qualification requirements for advancing to the next race.

  21. challenge 6 is pretty much impossible for me, there is NO room for error if you take custom cars into consideration (and there will ALWAYS be at least some custom cars in the cup unless you have -nousercars enabled) and Phat Slug struggles so much with the pipes that if ANYTHING interrupts you during the uphill pipe section, you’re pretty much doomed and have to restart.
    Country Nightz is also a run killer for me because you can get like 2-4 pickups in the entire race without slowing down and losing time (the other rookie cars can afford to take the other pickups but you can’t)
    and also why do i have to finish in podium to advance >:(

  22. Room 12×16 in Challenge 2 has a cut at the beginning of the track which opens up the possibility to cut off 2 extra seconds of the lap time. (Or even more, if people can utilize the track’s environment.)

  23. @Erzu: AI Cars from the same class as RV Loco (Semi-Pro). We’ve adjusted the description accordingly. Also we will look if the times from the AI cars seems to be realistic/plausible.

  24. Hi, these challenges look funny. I just want to report a mistake for challenges 7 and 8 where the link for Nahesa takes you to another car (Line-A). Yes, they’re quite similar, I just learned that xD.

  25. Hereby the 2023′ Summer Challenge is opened – good luck, and have fun everyone!
    Feel free to use the comment function to post your status, ask questions, or anything else related to this event.


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