Spa-Volt 2

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  • Unique foldername spavolt2
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  • Release date 2018-12-23
  • Version from 2023-09-30
  • Version 1.3b
  • RVW-ID 1757
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  • Score
    91/100 (39 votes)
  • Unconventional car?
  • Construction
  • Engine
  • Transmission
  • Top speed mph
  • Total weight kg
  • Acceleration m/s²
  • Construction 3D Modeling (Original)
  • Track difficulty Extreme
  • Track length 532 m
  • Reverse version available? Yes
  • Time trial times available? Yes
  • Practice mode star available? Yes
  • Online multiplayer compatible?

    RVGL 18.1126a (or newer) required!

    This is an alternate version of the first Spa-Volt.

    Horray, the storm is over! The terrible nightly thunderstorm caused a lot of damage to the environment, so the Spa kept closed the next day. This is the perfect chance for having another RC-car race at Spa-Volt! :)

    It was a sunny and warm day in the beginning of the autumn season. The sun is going down in the next hour and throwing long shadows over the bathing area. Crickets are using the chance for chirping maybe for the last time this year. Crows are circeling above the Spa, searching for crickets for their dinner. Who is the fastest in this most romantic and peaceful place on earth?

    Differences to Spa-Volt 1:

    • Weather: Sunny
    • Daytime: Evening
    • Surfaces: Still wet from the storm last night
    • Raceline: Much faster
    • Difficulty: A little bit easier
    • Also: Discover completely new areas!


    Major features of Spa-Volt 2:

    • Fast but challenging raceline
    • Alternate routes
    • Reverse mode
    • Special starting position
    • A lot of customizations (sounds, moving objects...)
    • Can you collect all the 12 practice mode ducks?
    • 2 racing ducks waiting for a Quack-attack!
    • Time trial times to beat
    • More eastereggs to find


    Version 1.3 Changes

    - Fixed some repo bugs

    Version 1.3b Changes

    - Updated README (Permissions/Copyright)

8 comments on “Spa-Volt 2

  1. I very much like this track and it’s among one of my most favourite ones, but I feel this track is still a bit off from being perfect.
    1. The last turn cut is still doable for TT and last laps. Adjusting the leaf lumps didn’t completely eradicate that, but only made it viable for TT and last laps, as that cut is no longer consistent, but car can be still thrown to the finish line. Just removing this lump of leaves will eradicate that.
    2. Pool path is still around 4m slower than up path, while being harder as well. I would really love it to be balanced (I love the pool path, but it’s just slower and harder so outside of taking the star, it’s pointless and obsolete). I got an idea how that could be achieved, explained in descriptions below photos here. If you are interested in updating the track, I can playtest.

  2. I’ve been testing this track and spa 1 with my chibi rookies, and it’s great fun. Track is deceptively challenging with allt he terrain and bumps along the track, and AI pathing is up there as one of the best (given how slippery the track can be).
    I like 2 more than one, mainly because I think the track flows a lot better. Whereas 1 drives like an obstacle course with lots of tight turns and jumps to navigate, 2 has a lot more sweeping corners and is generally smoother to drive. On the otherhand, 1R is just as good if not better than in the normal direction while I feel 2 in reverse feels a bit more awkward given how great the normal direction feels to me.

  3. Spa-Volt 2 got updated to version 1.22.

    Thanks a lot to ZipperZbieracz for some suggestions and doing gameplay tests together with me.


    + Fixed some repo bugs
    + Added some more instances
    + Adjusted some instance and object positions
    + Removed alternate path before the finish
    + Adjusted some pickup placements
    + Added some more lights
    + Implemented “Pickup Spawncount” feature

  4. Track is okay, but was better before the changes to the racing line. Blocking off the last straight with a sofa to effectively disable a shortcut across the last part and removing turn 1-2 clothes on the ground is good, but adding more obstacles for the bottom pool path and adding a sign in the shortcut is making the track worse. Why just not cut off the cut and leave alternative lines as they were? There were 3 possible approaches for the pool part before, now only 1 is the fastest one, unless someone goes for the star in the bottom. Although the 1-2 turns chicane is still very tight and the wall corners are a killer for toyeca. I’d gladly see the changes to the pool part and surroundings reverted and something changed about how the shortcut is blocked off. I’d also gladly see the last turn ramp deleted

  5. I had to do another small update for the track. The sweepcam effect added in Version 1.2 made issues at online races. I had to adjust the starting position slightly, to avoid this issue. Sorry for that. Please re-download.

  6. Spa-Volt 2 got a major update and is now on Version 1.2. Changelog:

    + Fixed early finish issue
    + Fixed some repo bugs
    + Blocked some alternate paths
    + Adjusted pickup placements
    + Adjusted duck (star) positions
    + Adjusted some instance and object positions
    + Added some more instances
    + Adjusted drainage corrugation
    + Removed water effects at puddles
    + Slightly adjusted mirror effects
    + Adjusted some lights
    + Adjusted overall level brightness
    + Added sweepcam effect

  7. Spa-Volt 2 was released just a few months after Spa-Volt 1, and features largely the same modelling and assets. Like Spa-Volt 1, it has great music (a different track this time!), amazing atmosphere, lots of custom sounds and models, and great surface types. Oh, and a fun and challenging raceline! Spa-Volt 2’s raceline is more fast-paced, and the race is a bit shorter. While playing it you’ll recognise some areas, but the track feels completely different! The setting is different, and because of the storm that was happening during Spa-Volt 1, a lot of trees, chairs et cetera, fell over, changing up the raceline. Several paths from Spa-Volt 1 are also inaccessible here, and there is a new outside area, with a cool spinning bowl fountain and a parking area.
    When comparing Spa-Volt 2 to Spa-Volt 1, I’d say they are in the same league. I personally prefer Spa-Volt 1 because of its breathtaking atmosphere, which I don’t feel nearly as much in Spa-Volt 2. I think Kiwi executed the atmosphere as well as in Spa-Volt 1, but a nightly storm is simply more atmospheric than a sunny evening. ;) I do really enjoy the paths unique to Spa-Volt 2: the beginning in the parking lot, that cannot be returned to later in the race, is very unique and really cool, and I love being able to drive through the pool as well.
    Interestingly, an update for this track got released just two days before I’m recording this video! The most noticeable change is that the gfx image used to be different. I do think this new one is a lot better. :) The track does lack a loadlevel image, though. This is strange, because Spa-Volt 1 does have one, which I quite like.
    It seems like the AI is a bit better in Spa-Volt 2 compared to Spa-Volt 1, but I’m no expert on that.
    Before ending this review, I would like to say: I think the Spa-Volt tracks are amazing works of art, and that such great creativity and execution was accomplished in my childhood favourite game is incredible. :)



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