Sprint Cup

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  • Release date 2021-03-11
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    This custom cup was also included as a bonus in the Toy World Frontend. I want to use the new upload feature for Cups on Re-Volt World, to also provide it to you as a standalone download.

    For best experience choose a good Semi-Pro car. For more challenge, choose a weak Semi-Pro car, or an Advanced rated car. You for sure can also choose a Pro or a Super-Pro car, but then the cup maybe will be too easy.

    You need the following tracks to play this cup:


    Have fun!

2 comments on “Sprint Cup

  1. I passed this cup in simulation mode on a Pro class car, it cost me a lot of destroyed nerve cells, because the bots in this cup are just irritable, they seem to be only aimed at nonstop kicking me and not letting me take 1st place in any way
    Very strange cup name “Sprint”, but included maps are not sprint type, exclude “Rooftops 1” and “Quake!”

    I hate this cup btw :3

  2. I’ve decided that since 2 days ago I will doing for cup challenge! Probably it’s hardest cup as far i remember, you will need luck for that. (especially all of them just one lap) So i will send here the picture for cup results, hopefully it will working fine: https://imgur.com/a/iAp0wfL

    To be fair won the cup with Adeon, Picks on and Arcade mode. I’ve picked before with some following cars: R6 Turbo, Panga TC and Aquasonic (amazing, how that Amateur car would’ve been won the cup, but unfortunately some of them at Grisville i lost it there) That’s all I’ve said, also imo it’s first great challenging cup!


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