Xarc’s ultimate decals sheet



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    Decided to remake from scratch my decals sheet the old one was getting too outdated, this new one includes almost every stock decal with an higher res and has things better organized, hope you like it

    Credits to Trixed for the high res JWD stuff extracted from the source code of the game

    UPDATED: included a folder containing the PNGs of all separated sections

5 comments on “Xarc’s ultimate decals sheet

  1. Thanks for the feedbacks guys, @Kiwi check new update, it now includes all separated sections 👍

  2. Weeehaw, this is awesome Xarc! Top-notch resource and a must have for every creator.

    Just one thing: My PC struggles quite a lot while working with this file. It would be much more conveniant to use if the different sections of the sheet would be single files, instead of one big file containing everything.


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