Summer Contest 2021 – Entries

August 28th, 2021 – Howdy, Re-Volters!

The possibility to submit entries for the Re-Volt World Summer Contest 2021 has ended on August 27th 2021. As you can see below, we got a lot of awesome submissions. There were 5 submissions for the category “Track”, and 15 submissions for the category “Cars”. All this creations you can download as a package, here at Re-Volt World. Be sure to test out all tracks and cars!

Afterwards, you are welcome to vote for your favourites in our Discord server. On September 5th 2021, 18 UTC the voting will end, and we will determine the winners of the Summer Contest 2021.

Thanks to everyone who participated – you did an awesome job! :) And have fun, everyone, in testing out the creations.

Download Full Package (55,32 MB)

Category “Track”

Track Entry #001

Déréalisation by Kiwi
Based on Toys in the Hood

Track Entry #002

Toy World 3 by Javildesign
based on Toy World

Track Entry #003

Two Neighborhoods by K-ran
based on Toys in the Hood

Track Entry #004

LMS Neighborhood by Rodik
based on Toys in the Hood

Track Entry #005

Museum Unleashed by Vonunwerth
based on Museum

Category “Car”

Car Entry #001

Mintrilo by Polarfox_cw
based on Cougar

Car Entry #002

Carribeach by Paperman
based on BossVolt

Car Entry #003

Gas n’Pass by Trixed
based on Groovster

Car Entry #004

Soundwave by ghoster
based on Sprinter XL

Car Entry #005

Demon Slayer by Kiwi
based on Adeon

Car Entry #006

ObliteNitro by Fr13ndz0n3dguy
based on Col. Moss

Car Entry #007

Locker by BloodBTF
based on Zipper

Car Entry #008

Dr. Surf by Phimeek
based on Dr. Grudge

Car Entry #009

Purp RS by TTDriver
based on Purp XL

Car Entry #010

Rotorossa by Marklanchvar32
based on Rotor

Car Entry #011

R6 Value by Flyboy
based on R6 Turbo

Car Entry #012

Hot Block by Brotato
based on Mouse

Car Entry #013

Shootout Scrambler by Shara
based on RC Bandit / Pole Poz

Car Entry #014

Rennstar by GDM
based on Adeon

Car Entry #015

RC Monk by Ionico
based on RC San