Blitz Cup

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  • Release date 2022-11-24
  • Version from 2022-12-17
  • Version 1.11
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    95/100 (5 votes)
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    Tracks Used


    Difficulty: Medium

    Cars Used: Super Pro

     Update 1.1: Replaced Fairground 2 with Game Room 2 since Fairground 2 is fairly laggy for mobile players like me.

    Decreased the number of AI"s from 11 to 7 

    Changed the Car Rating fron Semi Pro, Pro to all Super Pros

    Update 1.11: i added the legacy version or original version, your welcome

4 comments on “Blitz Cup

  1. @bonczy i do want to make a 2.0 version which is what im working on atm which might be a slightly nerfed version of this version…..

    so this is not the final version for this cup

  2. Why did you change the AI car rating from ‘Semi-Pro and Pro’ to just ‘all Super Pro’?
    Super Pros IMO are too powerful and the lap counts are very high because of that, and i don’t like it.
    And also i can’t compete with AI super pros with my favorite car Thunder :(


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