Fairground 2

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  • Release date 2020-10-14
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    92/100 (45 votes)
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  • Track length 800 m
  • Reverse version available? Yes
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    THIS LEVEL REQUIRES RVGL 20.0430a (or higher) TO RUN.

    Difficulty: Extreme

    The sun skims the horizon as your day at the fair draws to an end.

    Cut through the midway:
    Where noisy game booths line the path, and thrilling rides become tough challenges for the little cars.

12 comments on “Fairground 2

  1. Can only second what people said about this amazing track. The moving obstacles really seperate this track from the others.
    All I can critisize is that Fairground is a bit of a lagfest, but a controlable one. Maybe it could be made a bit more efficent.

  2. Both of the Fairgrounds tracks are some of the best mod tracks ever created, but Fairgrounds 2 is by far the better of the two. Everything about this course is perfection. The layout is short but exciting, the hazards keep you on your toes but are fair and balanced, the pickups are placed just right, and the environmental design and model/texture work truly makes this track feel like it was in the original 1999 game. If you placed this track in a copy of the game and gave it to a new player, they would never think twice about it being from the base game. And on top of all that, it’s an absolute blast to race on. Just the right mix of challenging and fun. Not too easy to be a cakewalk, but not too hard to be unfair. I replay this course constantly, and it never gets old. Nothing but respect, this is truly one of the greats.

  3. At the end of 2019, RVGL added the possibility of custom object animations. On the release topic, I made an excited comment about the new possibilities for track makers. In the months following, we saw some glimpses of these new possibilities, but it wasn’t until October of 2020 that we got to experience what custom object animations could really do.
    This track is incredible. It was created by G_J and I_Spy, who had had ideas for the track since 2013. They had tried to create fairground attractions by using objects and force fields, but they kept falling apart. With the new addition of custom object animations, they could finally realise their vision.
    This track is stunning to look at. Let’s ignore the animations for a moment. The textures and models look amazing, without using crazy polycounts or resolutions. As I’ve said before about G_J and I_Spy tracks, this looks like a cross of a stock track and a Pixar film. Add to that the outstanding lighting and shading, making Re-Volt look like a modern game. The sunset setting was pulled off perfectly!
    But now bring the animations back into the equation. Man, this track is so alive!! Hardly a moment goes by without something moving in either foreground or background. And nothing is out of place here: every single animation adds to the immersion. And there are a lot of them: the config file lists 39 custom object animations, and there are some cool texture animations too. What a feast for the eyes!
    But how about the gameplay? Well, I am glad to say that it is very fun! The racing line is very intuitive, but offers plenty of challenging turns and jumps. Additionally, you’ll actually be interacting with some of the custom animations! Dodging bumper cars, riding the carrousel, finding your way between the ferris wheel carriages… and of course all while battling against the CPU cars, with plenty of pick-ups available to use.
    Fairground 2 offers one of the best experiences that can be had with Re-Volt, and I encourage everyone to check it out!

    Video: https://youtu.be/ouY8Z2GcEqQ

  4. Yes! I was so desperate for a Re-Volt racetrack filled with carnival rides and games! To be honest, we were never likely to have a track like this before 2020, but with the inclusion of “custom animations”, you, G_J and I_Spy, finally made it a reality. Thank you so much; this was the track I was waiting for!

  5. This track is very well done. The attractions are cool and realistic, I even wanted to really go to the park and ride one of them XD

  6. Update 4/22/22:
    -Fixed visibox errors
    -Fixed vertex lighting errors
    -Added directional sign in front of high striker turn
    -Added Start sign and Ticket sign instances (previously cut)
    -Fixed car cast shadow in spinning barrel
    -Added car cast shadow to carousel
    -Fixed position node error in reversed after bumper car arena

  7. Hello. This review talks specifically about the 2022.04.10 update whose target was to improve graphic performance, as a potato pc user, from that side it has been a big improvement, on Fair 2 there’s only a few small framedrops on the first hairpin and at the wheel of fortune straight, but I’d say the average framerate is around 90 fps so no problem.

    Now, I’d like to report a red cross bug I’ve found on the reverse version after the bumper cars section, if you take the ramp touching the right fence you’ll have a red X. Here’s a couple of demos:
    https://streamable.com/hqtv3n – here is the replay where I found the issue for the first time, that’s why it took me a while to react.
    https://streamable.com/s5rmx1 – here there’s 2 examples with dev mode on.

  8. Update 4/10/22:
    Optimizations that should help improve performance:

    -Added .bmr mipmaps
    -Added visiboxes
    -Removed ferris.ncp and added reduced collision to fair2.ncp in its place
    -Reduced polygon count in fair2.ncp ( -1303 faces)
    -Reduced polygon count in fair2.w ( -1750 faces)
    -Removed ufo.ncp (unused)
    -Removed roll.ncp and added reduced collision to fair2.ncp in its place
    -Added carraige.m (empty model) and carraige.ncp, for new custom animation for carraiges that only renders 5 collision bones at a time
    -Reduced vertices and cleaned up vertex shading on bumper car models
    -Reduced vertices on carraige models, scifi_ride.m, horses.m, pirate.m, ferris.m, and ufo.m
    -World Lighting moved into the vertex color channel of the world file instead of makeitgood
    -World file cut into better optimized cubes
    -Vertex lighting corrections
    -Adjusted model RBG of instances that were lit incorrectly
    -Repaired carousel lighting (now the lights glow)
    -Attached hit sound to the bumper car models (bump.wav)
    -Removed freezer1.wav (old bumper car sfx)
    -Added sparks to the bumper car poles
    -Fixed position node error when getting the race star by driving behind the electric boxes
    -Added missing cameras to reversed mode
    -Added fog and far clip for lower render settings

    -JavilDesign helped reduce polycount on the following ncp files

  9. Fairground 1 is a nice and small track. Without knowing Fairground 2 you also could be kind of disappointed, cause all the typical stuff you would expect from a fairground track is missing. But after playing Fairground 2 everything make so much sense. Fairground 1 seems to be kind of an introduction to the fairground theme. You smell the popcorn, eat some ice, and you can already see the Ferris wheel in the background. This will be a perfect sunny Sunday, sometimes in your childhood. Time flies, evening is already coming.

    Fairground 2 blow your mind when you play it for the first time. It’s like an overkill on impressions. Colours and sounds will float in your head, and you don’t know what is happening. Is this still Re-Volt? Everything is moving. Everything is blinking. And everything looks so damn good. I can’t stop smiling.

    Yes, the most impressive things are the custom animations. Nearly every attraction is animated. And not in an amateur way. In the most professional way you can imagine. Until now I wasn’t that impressed from custom animations other custom tracks were using. But now I want to try out everything myself. It seems nothing is not possible anymore. But G_J and I Spy didn’t used the track as a sandbox for animated objects. They put them in an overall impressive concept of a track, filled with other eye candy like texture animations and very well made shading and lighting.

    So – everything is bigger and better? Nearly, but not completely. At singleplayer races, the only negative aspect is not that annoying. The AI is not the best, so you can crash at one of the many moving obstacles pretty often, without loosing the race. The AI itself have very big issues with the moving objects. My first race I won with 200 meters difference to the second, the races afterwards between 200 and 500 meters. So I was hoping the track will be more challenge when playing it online. But sadly, racing the track in multiplayer mode makes it even worse. It’s nearly impossible to drive a lap without crashing. Some of the moving objects you can’t avoid. It’s like the Toy World 2 train, multiplied with 100. Don’t understand me wrong: It’s still very fun to race the track. But there are also this moments, where you could cry, cause you crashed the 10th time without being able to avoid the crash. I am not a competitive player, so I can be pretty relaxed at situations like this. But there is a lot of yelling and whining from other online racers. It’s sad, cause avoiding this things would have been possible.

    Time has shown, that this track isn’t another multiplayer classic, sadly. Visually it’s the most impressive custom track ever released. Together with Fairground 1, there is a huge gap to the other custom tracks released since 1999.

  10. Very demanding track, but it also brings a lot of satisfaction. Pay attention to moving obstacles, a lot of them out there – and they can make or break your race. Plenty of powerups as well, and full and colorful background to top it off. A true great.


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