Jailhouse Frontend

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  • Release date 2023-08-06
  • Version from 2023-09-30
  • Version 1.0b
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    RVGL 23.0501a1 (or newer) required!

    This is a frontend based on the famous Jailhouse Rock track by human. The frontend is fully functional, including working car selection screen and trophy ceremony. I decided to not implement a name wheel, as I think it would not fit the theme very well.


    Just install the frontend like you do with normal custom tracks: Copy the downloaded files in your RVGL directory. After restarting RVGL, you have a new menu-entry in options named "Frontend". Here you can switch to the Jailhouse Frontend. You can switch back to the Default Frontend whenever you like.

    Major features of the Jailhouse Frontend:

    • Completely functional (car preview, trophy ceremony,...)
    • New frontend music track
    • Support for RVGL's Custom Cup feature
    • Some graphical adjustments and new details compared to the base track
    • Including high-res carboxes for the stock cars, made by Xarc


    More information in the included README.

    Version 1.0b Changes

    • Updated README (Permissions/Copyright)

6 comments on “Jailhouse Frontend

  1. LOOK: I love how the clockworks are on part of the building, the flaming barrels, and the basketball being dunked when you boot up the game or exit a race!
    MUSIC: This is a nice touch with being able to add your own music….. I put in a bunch of music so I could vibe while choosing my car to race, and it’s awesome that it shuffles too!
    OVERALL: This is a great frontend! Love the attention to detail.

  2. Very detailed work as always. My only problem is that the trophys look very underwhelming compared to the original frontend. Apart from that, amazing job!


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