Windmills Hills 1

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  • Pageviews 2370
  • Unique foldername windmill1
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  • Release date 2022-08-31
  • Version from 2023-09-26
  • Version 1.0.1
  • RVW-ID 34146
  • Category
  • Score
    79/100 (16 votes)
  • Unconventional car?
  • Construction
  • Engine
  • Transmission
  • Top speed mph
  • Total weight kg
  • Acceleration m/s²
  • Construction PRM Kit (Instances)
  • Track difficulty Extreme
  • Track length 1442 m
  • Reverse version available? Yes
  • Time trial times available? Yes
  • Practice mode star available? Yes
  • Online multiplayer compatible?

    If you already have a previous version of this track, don't extract the times folder, otherwise your best times will be reset.

    Track description

    This is an example track for my Rally PRM Set.

    This is a long track with several areas. Most of the time you will drive on roads, but some parts of the track are offroad (dirt path or even grass).

    Time trial

    The time trial times are for PRO cars. If you are a pro player, you can try with a SEMI-PRO car.

    Warning, the challenge with a semi-pro car is extremely hard, and you will need to use some shortcuts to beat it (in my opinion it makes the challenge more interesting). My best times are provided so you can see where I cut the road.

    If you still find these challenges easy, try to beat my personal best times with Zipper! In the reverse version, I did a mistake at the end (I accidentally drove in the lake), so you have no excuse!

    Thanks CapitaineSZM for testing the track and giving me feedback!

    If you use the RVGL launcher, you will have a warning (not an error, the track will be installed) because I have provided some files related to time trial. If you want to see my best times and my ghost, please add them manually.


    Version 1.0.1:

    + Included fixes from the new version of the PRM set.

    + Added credits for the music.

8 comments on “Windmills Hills 1

  1. This track is long and I love long tracks. The track is narrow, has a lot of ups and downs and some parts are really challenging. Despite being so long, I enjoy every part of it and is really fun to drive. And, of course, the AI is good otherwise I wouldn’t enjoy this track so much.

  2. I didn’t really enjoy this track, as my whole rink was very laggy, in general, this track is good and unusual and with good graphics, but unfortunately my phone is not good for this track.

  3. The track heavily reminds me of the tracks from the “Rally” (countryside) environment from the first Trackmania game.
    The track is quite long and the .prm takes a long time to load, but the track overall is very solid.

  4. This track looks great in the trailer!
    P.S in order to open this track, you need to complete the last championship (which I have not done yet) :)

  5. Thanks for your comments!
    @Kiwi: Thank you! Your comments are so accurate I could almost copy and paste some parts of them in my track descriptions! As you said, this track is a “demo” for the kit. The way I have placed the wooden obstacles is a reference to the Rally environment in Trackmania Original (also seen in Trackmania United Forever), but maybe there should be more space between them. About the moveable wood, it should be moved out of the road after a few laps (it depends on the amount of opponents), but those on the bridges will stay longer. On my side I don’t think it’s a big issue, because after each lap, AI cars should move them on parts of the road where you are less likely to drive, and they are custom ABC blocks which means they won’t show up in Time Trial and online.

    @rodik: Thank you!

    @Hector (and anybody that has the same issue): Thank you Hector for your comment and for reporting this issue. I was aware of it, but the only thing I did is adding an alternate file for the tree and I haven’t mentioned it elsewhere.
    There should be a different version of the tree model in the game files (located in levels/windmill1/tree). Replace the file tree.prm from the main folder of the level (levels/windmill1), where the other prms are, by the one in the tree folder, and it should solve your lag issue (or at least, it should be better). It won’t solve the loading time issue, it’s common in kit tracks. Some other things you can do (for the lag issue) are going in the video settings and decreasing the draw distance and the resolution.

  6. This is really a huge job, Keyran! It’s very inspiring. I wanted to make something even more. I can’t even believe that this is all made with PRM Kit. Moreover, made by the author himself. I have already played this track several times, but I still want to play it. I’m waiting for Windmills Hills 2. Keep it up, Keyran!

    My video btw:

  7. Graphically this is your best track so far, Keyran!

    This is even more impressive, as this track is made out of your Rally PRM kit. I think this is a wonderful promotion for it. I really love all this green-tones in this track. And the skybox add a lot to the overall colour pallet. However, the raceline feels a little bit too long. But it’s not boring, as there are a lot of different parts to master. There are also some problematic parts, like the small bridge with the 2 wooden obstacles right before it. In general the moveable wood can be a bit annoying, sometimes. The AI is very good, by the way. All in all I see this track more like a “demo” to show what is possible with your kit, but don’t take this as a negative comment!

    It’s a very impressive track, and I hope some people will also try using your PRM kit, after playing Windmills Hills 1.


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