Downtown Hexagonal PRM Set


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    A PRM set with 68 instances (some are shared with my previous one) to build kit tracks in a city center, that can be indoor, outdoor and even underground.

    It has hexagonal tiles, which are harder to use but this allows you to easily make tracks that have mostly 60° and 120° turns.

    Most of the tiles feel empty, and I don't provide a lot of decoration and obstacles, there should be whatever you need in other tracks (I have reused some models and textures from other tracks in my first example track Into the Catacombs).

    Be creative!

    An example track is provided (not playable against AI cars), to help you to begin.

    It is highly recommended to read all the tips, otherwise you might be stuck once you have placed the first turn. I also recommend to make at least one track with my Rally PRM Set.

    A Blender file with every instance is provided.

    Bonus content:

    I have made some tiles after the second example track District 16, consider them as bonus content. They are the kitchen and the oven ramp.

1 comment on “Downtown Hexagonal PRM Set

  1. The Rally Prm Set was, in my opinion, the best kit ever released for Re-Volt.
    This was mainly due to the fact that each piece had coordinates that were multiples of 10, making it very easy to use. Unfortunately, this is no longer the case here.
    But this concept of exagonal pieces is promising!
    I’ve already got a few ideas in mind and I’ve no doubt that other track creators will too.
    Only time will tell…
    As far as I’m concerned, and even before I’ve really tried it, it’s a godsend, and I’d like to say a big thank you to you, Keyran, for this new kit.


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