UJ Bling XL

  • Download count 38
  • Unique foldername
  • Skin for Smash XL
  • Based on
  • Release date 2022-05-19
  • Version from 2022-05-18
  • Version Version 1
  • RVW-ID 33062
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  • Score
    83/100 (3 votes)
  • Unconventional car?
  • Construction
  • Engine
  • Transmission
  • Top speed mph
  • Total weight kg
  • Acceleration m/s²
  • Construction
  • Track difficulty
  • Track length m
  • Reverse version available?
  • Time trial times available?
  • Practice mode star available?

    Desperate situations call for desperate measures. If you have a rival gang ready to blast your UJ, one must upgrade in style...BLING BLING, BANG BANG.

    Just felt like making a simple recolor, but did more than that but changing a few details, new wheels since with the same wheel mapping, the original wheels would be mirrored as I didn't like that so, cooked up with new slamming wheels. And for extra touch, a big dollar sign instead gone onto the hood. Enjoy.

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