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    A powerful in-game mod menu for Re-Volt (RVGL), similar to menus for GTA games.

    Default controls:
    - F7 to toggle menu
    - Numpad to navigate
    - RCTRL + Num2 to flip car
    - F6 for airbreak

    - Teleport (with .ini save/load)
    - Built-in chaos mod with more than 140 effects and Twitch voting support
    - Quake/Half-Life movement with bhopping, surfing, etc.
    - Support for 30 cars outside Clockwork Carnage with a fixed race grid
    - Support for up to 512 opponents (1024 if car-to-car collisions are off) when mass-spawned manually
    - Spawn cars (can be static or have AI, includes a list of all cars including addons)
    - Spawn objects (planes, rain, water, fireworks, bottles, beachballs, etc.)
    - Change player car model in-game
    - Teleport to other cars
    - Take over control of any car in the game world, including ambient trolleys
    - Explode other cars
    - Airbreak
    - Lock camera
    - Display various useful bits of info about the game such as pointers to the player's vehicle classes, timestep, etc.
    - Give any powerup at any time
    - Increase current amount of powerups held, including with previously non-stackable ones
    - Scale all cars
    - Scale all objects
    - Scale the game camera
    - Change gamemode and lap count in-game
    - Gravity Field, Forcefield and Earthquake options
    - GTA 2-like top down camera
    - Make all cars bouncy
    - Disable car-to-car collision
    - Free camera
    - Mouse camera rotation
    - Toggle AI control mid-race

    Supported versions (Singleplayer only):
    - RVGL Win64 v21.0930a-1 (newer Win64 versions are untested but may also work)

    Major improvements to Quake/Half-Life Movement
    Major code optimizations
    Major chaos improvements
    Added Quake/Half-Life Movement option
    Major code optimizations
    Major chaos improvements
    Added more new chaos effects
    Added Uwuify
    Chaos improvements
    Added more new chaos effects
    Chaos improvements
    Added more new chaos effects
    Added Buttsbot
    GTA SA Camera improvements
    Added On-Screen Keyboard for controllers
    Added Localization Entries menu
    Chaos improvements
    Added more new chaos effects
    Added GTA SA Camera option
    Chaos improvements
    Added more new chaos effects
    Added search option for chaos effects
    Chaos improvements
    Added more new chaos effects
    Chaos improvements
    Minor code optimizations
    Made the installation process simpler
    Added Object Spawning menu
    Chaos improvements
    Added more new chaos effects
    Opponent limit unlocker stability improvements
    Further increased max cars from 1024 to 8192
    Added Fuck Up World option
    Simplified installation for RVGL Launcher
    Minor fixes
    Added 30 Opponents Support option
    Added Unlock Global Car Limit option
    Added Clockwork Carnage Race Grid option
    Added Auto-Fill Clones menu to Car Spawning (easy way to spawn hundreds of opponents with global car limit unlocked)
    Fixed menu drawing without SSO and in legacy GL modes
    Menu now draws on top of the HUD
    Chaos stability improvements
    Chaos stability improvements
    Added more new chaos effects
    Added AI Control toggle

16 comments on “ZMenu RVGL + Chaos Mod

  1. It doesn’t work for me either. In fact, neither versions work. “Gravity Field” looks and sounds like a fantastic way to keep the race close, despite non-car objects affected. You see, usually Re-Volters run races where at least two cars are greater than (or equal to) 50 meters apart from each other, which wouldn’t be much competition at all. If a race is run where EVERY SINGLE CAR is less than (or equal to) 10 meters apart from each other all the way, that would be real competition, and you know I love competition. Could you look into that?

  2. 1. i dont have a numpad.
    2. it dosent work, error with ZMenuRVGL.asi file
    By the video, i think the chaos mod is good.

  3. If you are not using the launcher, move the files from “For Standalone RVGL”. I don’t use the launcher, so I don’t know what to do in another case. But I think it’s also easy there, because it says For RVGL Launcher.

  4. This mod adds a lot of longevity to the game. It might even inspire new game mode ideas!

    The spawning option is definitely my personal favourite feature that I often and I also love that there is also controller support.

    Great work!

  5. this mod is pretty fun to mess with, when i completed the penny racers harbour track when it was set to 8 laps when i crossed the finish in last lap, the game crashed
    also i set the new effects time to 10


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