512×512 Humma Paintkit



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  • Release date 2023-10-28
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    A rough 512x512 paintkit put together for Humma in .pdn and .psd formats.

    I've recreated a lot of the textures from scratch and with the help of Xarc's decal sheet. This was originally meant to be for personal use, but since I already did the work, I put in a bit more effort to clean up the layers for a public release.

    The paintkit includes some layers with additional details/difference such as panel gaps and other design choices not found in the original Humma. In addition, left/right symmetry is corrected.

    No, I will not recreate the original skin myself.

    It is recommended to save your skin as a .png with transparency and then rename the file into bmp. Be aware there may be some errors/inconsistencies in the paint kit which may or may not be fixed later.

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