Acclaim F1

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  • Unique foldername acclaimF1
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  • Based on The Boss Pack
  • Release date 2016-10-23
  • Version from 2020-07-21
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  • RVW-ID 23709
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    94/100 (2 votes)
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    Due to my crappy mapping, FZG was kind enough to provide a decent mapping for Acclaim F1. :D

    I'm finally including the remapped body.prm here, as well as a custom engine sound and an alternate skin, once more courstesy of FZG himself.



    Class: Pro

    Max. Speed: 41 mph


    Unlike RC Action, Phat Trucker and Big Momma before it, this RC Revenge Pro car isn't an original model made from scratch - in fact, it's indeed an almost 100% accurate conversion. The model is mostly original as well as the textures.

    Expect more of these to come soon, as me and URV extract the rest of the vehicles. In the meantime, enjoy! ,)

    Skins for Acclaim F1

    McLaren MP4/4, by Fenrir
    Leyton House CG911, by Kiwi
    Lotus 101, by Kiwi
    Alfa Romeo 184t, by Kiwi
    Williams FW12, by Kiwi
    Ferrari 641, by Kiwi
    USA F1 Team, by Phimeek
    Prestige F1 Team – Alt, by Phimeek
    Prestige F1 Team, by Phimeek
    Formula RVGL, by Phimeek
    Acclaim F1 Stealth Edition, by Phimeek

    Based on Acclaim F1

    Wildstar, by TTDriver
    Hot Wheels 500, by Phimeek

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