Sciatic Cup

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  • Release date 2023-02-26
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    This championship cup is inspired by the types of entertainment that I was obsessed with and used to keep me entertained throughout and after my extremely painful summer weeks of 2022 owing to an injury that was subsequently operated on.

    If you finish outside the top three too many times, the agony of defeat will hurt even worse than the shooting pain of a herniated disc in the lower back, so a Pro car will make it easier to win.

    Good luck! You need the following tracks for the cup to work properly:

    A surefire way to get the tracks is to install them (and this very cup as well) through the RVGL Launcher. Also, one of the tracks in this cup is also one of my own creations, as indicated by a golden badge in the track sheet.


    02/28/2023 - Changed 4 Amateurs to 3 and changed 1 Advanced to 2. 

3 comments on “Sciatic Cup

  1. 23.0228a update: Cut the number of Amateur cars from 4 to 3 and increased the number of Advanced cars from 1 to 2. Credit to Kakeno for the suggestion.

  2. I think u should increase the amount of advanced cars to 2 (cuz i see 1 is too less for a class) and reduce from 4 to 3 amateurs car
    well that my opinion so u can igrone it and continue ur work


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