Blursed Land of Tomatoes

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  • Unique foldername tomato
  • Skin for
  • Track Mod for
  • Based on
  • Release date 2019-09-06
  • Version from
  • Version
  • RVW-ID 1631
  • Category
  • Score
    55/100 (3 votes)
  • Unconventional car?
  • Construction
  • Engine
  • Transmission
  • Top speed mph
  • Total weight kg
  • Acceleration m/s²
  • Construction
  • Track difficulty
  • Track length 540 m
  • Reverse version available? No
  • Time trial times available?
  • Practice mode star available?
  • Online multiplayer compatible?

    With the agreement of Alex, the bonezone kind king, I present to you, my dear tomate, the BLURSED LAND OF TOMATOES where you can finally take your fauvorite tomatoe and drive 'til the sun goes down.

    Otherwise this is specifically an anniversary gift to commemorate the annual tomato session held today.


3 comments on “Blursed Land of Tomatoes

  1. This track is an edit of bonezone by Alex, and was released in 2019 by Zeino. It does not have a readme to specify so; it is stated on RVZ.
    The track layout wasn’t edited. The graphics were completely overhauled, and strange sounds were added in.
    I’m not sure which track I prefer; both have interesting graphics and a cool theme. However, I think it would have been much cooler to see an edit of this track that gave it more normal graphics. Both bonezone and BLURSED LAND OF TOMATOES have textures that largely consist of transparency, which greatly alters the appearance. I would be very interested if someone retextured and remapped this track to make it clearer where the terrain is. :)



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