Spooktober 2022 – Entries

October 28th, 2022

Boooh-huuuh, Re-Volters! The possibility to submit entries for the Re-Volt World Spooktober 2022 has ended today. As you can see below, we again got a lot of great submissions. There were 4 submissions for the category “Track”, 10 submissions for the category “Car”, and 15 submissions for the category “Skin”. All these creations you can download as a package here at Re-Volt World. Be sure to test out all tracks, cars and skins!

Afterwards, you are welcome to vote for your favourites in our Discord server.

On November 4th 2022, 18 UTC the voting will end, and we will determine the winners of the Spooktober 2022 event.

Thanks to everyone who participated – you all did an awesome job! :)

And have fun, everyone, in testing out the creations.

Download Full Package (93,80 MB)

Category “Track”

Track Entry #01

Appalachian RC by Kiwi
Standard Track, 305 meters long

Track Entry #02

Autumn Overpass by Paperman
Standard Track, 423 meters long

Track Entry #03

Country Halloween by rodik (Co-author: Chris)
Standard Track, 1.132 meters long

Track Entry #04

Spooky Super Special Stage by Keyran
Standard Track, 710 meters long

Category “Car”

Car Entry #01

Mossive by Paperman
A hybrid between BigVolt and Col. Moss

Car Entry #02

Survivor by Brotato The Badass Spud
A hybrid between Terram, Gunnaposto, Phat Trucker and Scatterbolt

Car Entry #03

Mostriciattolo by burner94
A hybrid between YI-1 and BigVolt

Car Entry #04

Prototesla lib-FX77 by Xarc
A hybrid between Prototype FX77 and Tesla

Car Entry #05

Sam by rodik (Co-author: Paperman)
A hybrid between Accla 80, Dusya and Shroud

Car Entry #06

Panga TriCk by GG
A hybrid between Panga, Panga TC, Pest Control and NY54

Car Entry #07

RV Postal by LivingWithGames
A hybrid between Way 2 Fast and Pops.

Car Entry #08

Gravel Master by Flo
A hybrid between Pest Control, Panga TC, Volken Turbo, Bushido RS and Dukhar

Car Entry #09

Truckenstein by Ghoster
A hybrid between Sandstorm, Jungle Beast, Minotaur, Toyrod, Snakehead and Arctic Stomper

Car Entry #10

Experiment Octagon by shara–
A hybrid between Vibrant Pulse and Vulkan

Category “Skin”

Skin Entry #01

by Kampan, for Alice

Skin Entry #002

by Brotato The Badass Spud, for Redhead

Skin Entry #003

by FK 02, for Pest Control

Skin Entry #004

by polarfox_cw, for Skarlet

Skin Entry #005

by Tubers, for Vixen

Skin Entry #006

by LivingWithGames, for Celiod

Skin Entry #007

by Durtvan, for Cintach
Additional Information: The green colour is coming from Cintach’s ENV-shininess, so all rules were followed properly)

Skin Entry #008

by Xarc, for Redhead

Skin Entry #009

by Paperman, for Megalodon XL

Skin Entry #010

by rodik, for Victoria

Skin Entry #011

by Re-Volted Zipper, for Gallardo S. LP570-4

Skin Entry #012

by CapitaineSZM, for Aquasonic

Skin Entry #013

by Flo, for Accla 80

Skin Entry #014

by actualtoaster, for Misterio

Skin Entry #015

by Fenrir, for Stinger