ToySoldierz 2024

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  • Pageviews 1575
  • Unique foldername toysoldierz24
  • Skin for
  • Track Mod for
  • Based on
  • Release date 2024-05-30
  • Version from 30-05-2024
  • Version 2.2
  • RVW-ID 40474
  • Category
  • Score
    88/100 (25 votes)
  • Unconventional car?
  • Construction
  • Engine
  • Transmission
  • Top speed mph
  • Total weight kg
  • Acceleration m/s²
  • Construction 3D Modeling (Original)
  • Track difficulty Medium
  • Track length 910 m
  • Reverse version available? Yes
  • Time trial times available? Yes
  • Practice mode star available? Yes
  • Online multiplayer compatible?

    Full Rebuild of my old classic.

    Rodik animated the tank in this Level and finalized an image i have had for 8 years so many thank to him.







26 comments on “ToySoldierz 2024

  1. Loved the first one, adoring the second. They are so different they both deserve to be played. Thank you for putting so much time and effort into (re)creating this track, it’s a real pleasure on both gameplay and visuals. Can’t wait for your next project! 🙌

  2. Since I kinda feel like I am the guy that made you remake the track, I do feel more or less forced to comment on it.

    I am glad to see pretty much all of the issues I listed in my track removal suggestion (well, the video but whatever) I don’t think it was the best idea to address literally every single one of those. The very idea of the track not being good was the unpopular opinion, loud as my voice was.

    I am glad the section where cars would collide head to head is gone.

    The other intersection was a bit better, but I am not opposed to its disappearance.

    The track being scaled up is… uncanny, because of how used I am to the original scale, but it was also an unnecessary change, same going for the overall difficulty of the track. My criticism of those wasn’t for their mere existence, it was something that I felt added extra frustration in the context of the section where cars can collide head to head existing the way it did.

    Apart from that, the tank is a nice touch, the bonus area looks nice and feels decent to drive on and… there’s one Directional trigger that kinda through me off the first time I saw the tank, I though that the track was telling me to go right meant going in the same place as the tank.
    Similar issue in reverse, although my confusion was created by the overall visuals hinting me to go off the track. (Also an “EXIT” sign made me go in a closed door, be careful with track elements, even if they make sense to see them the way they appear)

    All in all, well made reinterpretation with only slight issues, but try to take any form of criticism with a grain of salt. One person’s opinion isn’t the whole truth.

  3. Hi Skitch. I’m glad you’re back in Re-Volt again. Despite the long period of time you have been away, the track turned out to be excellent. Compared to the old “ToySoldierz”, the track has become longer, more free space and without oncoming traffic. I especially liked the animation of the tank and green soldiers on parachutes.

    I hope you will continue to delight us with your creations. Welcome back :)

  4. A few errors have been pointed out. Ncp data on the entrance to the obstical course! Have found it and fixed it along wit ha few other bits.
    Keep finding them and let me know please x will update in the week x

  5. I actually like the original much more. As the original was a bit too tight and the export scale could have been a bit bigger, here it’s the opposite, track feels too far and wide, and as a consequence, too easy. Some corners and chicanes that used to be very difficult and technical now are precision turns. The visuals, sounds and tanks are all great. Maybe the track will fit best in the 16 player RVGL lobbies, but I am not seeing a sufficient number of pickups anyway.

    //as for lowercase for Linux, the Linux RVGL should come with a fix_cases file? I use it on all downloads before I put any downloads (I download manually) in my Re-Volt folder as a precaution to keep everything clean, working and without uppercase duplicates.

  6. I gonna be real… I LOVED THIS TRACK

    Dude everything is perfect

    The raceline, the music even the tank apparence is incredible
    For a remake from a old track is so literally super and hyper great is literally revoltastic!

    Keeping doing this things dude, because is amazing

    Also welcome back Sktich :D

  7. When I raced on ToySoldierz, it felt like a very patriotic kid moved into the neighbourhoood and decided to decorate with military equipments.
    After racing on this track, it now feels like you moved into a very patriotic neighbourhood where everything is accompanied with military equipments.
    This is a step up from the predecessor, looks very in theme with the atmosphere, and more roomy. Good track, would recommend racing on. Just beware of the tanks, lest you get flattened to a pancake, or a pizza if you’re big.

  8. Hello Skitch! I am sincerely glad that you are back. I’m an old fan of your work. I consider The Felling Yard and Chilled To The Bone to be reference tracks. A little earlier, Rodik shared what helps you create the track. I was looking forward to the release. Frankly, the previous ToySoldierz in online sessions often upset me. I don’t like long counter courses. At our age, it’s not easy to beat the young, and the counter rate multiplied all efforts by zero. :) But I’m glad for this track. There are some minor errors, but I’m sure everything will be taken into account and corrected. Thank you for your creativity!

  9. Kudos Skitch for your comeback, I dare to say you’ve aged like a good wine, with my first impressions of the track I felt like a kid at a toys shop for the first time. After a good amount of laps I concluded my least favorite aspect is how easy this track is, more when you have in mind that we’re supposed to be in a military camp hahaha. Now, I loved every other aspect of the track: how many objects in the map were redone and improved, all the animated objects, the boot camp, THE TANK!!
    Both ToySoldierz tracks have their own charm, pros and cons, and I root for your choice to keep both versions.
    P.D.: Good news that the issues with W file could be solved.

  10. I’m here to tell you Skitch, not only welcome back but you made one of the most fun tracks in 2024 and Re-Volt history. The original is still a fun track, but you made it completely better. Firstly, every thing is wider and not claustrophobic, perfect for multiplayer and chaotic races without being unfun. Secondly, you made it bigger, therfore, longer, while having more detail added.

    With these points together, you managed to make playing with Super Pros amazing on this track. This is aces, across the freaking board.

  11. @agg1401 avarage linux user. im going to phrase it the your style, just so you will get it. You want lower case? rvgl launcher or do it yourself. and just because you are a linux user doesnt mean you know anything above anyone to moderate or mock the owner of the web page for stupid reasons.

  12. Красиво.
    The track concept has not changed. However, I noticed a couple of nice differences from the original track:
    1. Most sections of the track became wider, making the ride feel quite comfortable.
    2. No sections of the track with oncoming traffic. Oncoming traffic and players who try to crash head-on is the most hated thing on the tracks.

  13. I wish that were possible. I don’t install RVGL Launcher, I don’t feel the need. Some track designers crash RVGL, no matter how they design the track. The problem goes beyond file naming. The site owner now needs to bring a standard in file names to solve such problems.

    I am ready to be a track moderator for Linux. If there are problems, I can’t approve the track. If there are no problems, it will be approved.

  14. @agg1401 you have also got to remember that i am way old and forget times have moved on hehe Just ask and i will accommodate so keep ya chin up and have fun my dude!!

  15. @FILECAPS: I overlook file/folder name casing since it works on the system the game was originally designed for. More importantly, I still consider file casing as creativity option for content creators (a unique method for presenting your creation to data lurkers), as having everything shoved into lowercase has its own cons. Most are likely overlooking or don’t care enough, but the option’s still there. If it still works on the system that is used by large chunk of people, then it’s going to be kept.

    If you are on Linux and install with RVGL Launcher, it should fix automatically for you. If you’re installing content manually, I expect everyone to go through auto file rename script before launching the game anyway. On the other hand, there’s just way too much legacy content to force rename in the first place.

  16. I’m on linux (ubuntu) but the game runs on ‘wine’ at home.
    From what I understand, the problem is the use of capital letters in the files (and there are many in toysoldierz2024 with capital letters). Try renaming the files to all lower case…

    Having said that, you can’t ask the site team to test tracks under every possible operating system (-;

  17. Hello, Re-Volter.

    Why are the runways being loaded directly without being tested for Linux? Some of these tracks and unfortunately this track is broken.

    Unlike the 2 firmwares, the game freezes. The track was not loaded into the game at first, I corrected the name of the track. I have never seen such a ridiculous approval system. If there is someone to test it for Linux, I am ready to volunteer.

    I’m over them, I’m going to play the track, but what’s that? It doesn’t end. When I play the track flat, it freezes in the tank section. If it’s in reverse, the result is a lock after advancing about a meter of the tank section.

    Sometimes it locks up in the light.prm file. Is this the way to popularise the game? Problematic and broken tracks should not be approved. When a person downloads it directly, he should be able to extract and play the map smoothly.

  18. Thanks Kiwi. This remake is a bit of a learning project for me to be honest. I never intended to remove the OG ( Even tho I was asked to remove and redoo most of it ) Fixing errors that you folk find will help me with my new project i have already started so thank you for the point outs. I still love the first one as it was rushed out coz the wife was producing my lil girl at the time lol Blender is still so new to me and juggling the pluggins between 2.79 and 4.0 have caused many of the issues you bring up. I am still working on it so keep an eye out for the next update and many thanks mate.
    The shadow boxes were messing with the instances and that was ruining that camo section. So a last min removal was all i could do coz I couldn’t mess with the .w or would lose Rodik’s great work on the tank hehe

  19. The original ToySoldierz is one of my favourite Re-Volt tracks since I first played it, so it will get really really hard for this remake – just to be warned in advance… ;) This is a remake where a lot of work was put into, but personally I prefer the original ToySoldierz track in nearly every aspect. To name a few things:

    + The tight race line of the original track was one of the things which made this track pretty unique and also very rewarding as soon you learned it. The new very wide raceline with very wide corners feels a bit too easy for my personal taste. I can feel a similarity to the Skating Toys remake here: The most interesting parts of the raceline were removed to make the track more straight-forward and beginner-friendly.

    + The old oncoming traffic section brought a lot of action and fun to the races, although I can absolutely understand why some people didn’t liked this area – especially at multiplayer races. Same goes to the “drive through the containers”-section – I’m really sad this section was purged as well, as it brought some diversity.

    + The graphics at the remake are better at most areas from a technical perspective, but sadly they also feels a bit unpolished in general. For example the shadow below the camouflage net is missing compared to the original version. Also, there are a lot of graphical glitches visible, especially at the bushes (most seems to be caused by non-planar faces which were not triangulated properly). Another example is the ENV-shininess at the barbed wire, which affect the whole face but not only the barbed wire itself. Also: Maybe you can have another look at some shading-issues: An example is the very bright grass in the curvy section. Another area which could benefit from a better shading is the house with the green-gray floor. At the moment the steep areas has the same shading as the even areas, which make it hard for the eyes.

    Positive is the addition of object animations, although I’m no big fan of the toy parachutists. The tank and the rotating radars are very nice additions and bring some life to the track. What I also like is the new skybox.

    All in all I think there was no real need in remaking this track completely, but I think it’s also nice for all the people who never liked the original track. Glad you also kept the old version public available, so everyone can decide according to their taste. :)

    Glad to see you’re back, Skitch. Really looking forward for a maybe complete new track with a fresh scenario by you!?

  20. Thanks guys and keep the bugs coming as I have been staring at the track for weeks. I will leave it up for a while to gather up anything missed and fix accordingly.

  21. I really the fact that although you removed traffic from other RC Cars you still have traffic from an external source and it fits the track I would say. I think you gave a dilemma to online players with this release on which they will have to decide if they want both toysoldierz to exist or only the new one, because overall they’re very different tracks that suit different cars even though they have very similar set pieces, it’s probably gonna be decided upon eventually.

    There’s a few thing I want to report: trackdir for reverse version appear to be missing/broken. I also noticed that there’s a pickup outside the track in the reverse version towards the end of the lap (where the first ramp in the normal version usually is) but I don’t know if you can have unique pickup placement for both normal and reverse version of a track.

    Amazing rebuild overall, I liked the small details like the paratroopers and the various posters around the track some of which made a comeback from the original track, makes the track feel less like a real military bootcamp and more like some kind of fictional universe army.

  22. Thanks yun!
    Grab the track file again mate as the time trials are fixed now in both directions x

  23. This track is a wonderful remake of a classic, name and all, making it feel like you’re actually on a military bootcamp racing tiny R/C cars.
    Beautiful job and rendition in every aspect of the game because nothing beats the classics, and this rendition being more speed focused rather than a claustrophobic mess and “oils on the choke points” heaven, has more flow and less chaos overall. Incredibly enjoyable and a nice change of pace.

    All praise aside, nothing comes without an ugly shade of paint, and that’s some of the minor issues of the track.

    – Seems like the start of a lap and spawn position is not very well determined, I checked in MIG mode to see what’s the cause of the problem and it seems to be either a POS Node issue (depicted here: or an AI Node issue (depicted here:, and more inclined on the latter since it seems to be too far out from where one would spawn, and doesn’t help that there’s no “Start Node” selected throughout all the track, and said start node should be node number 0. So far no bad repos or red X issues.

    – Time trial in this track is a nightmare, not because the layout or race line is bad or anything, but more so because of the bugs attached to the first point. Respawning mid-air, loading the track and having your lap be already counting down and not having your lap reset when repositioning are the most notorious things. I made a quick edited video here: so the issues listed are easier to see.

    I love the track already, glad I got to test it sooner but also not glad I missed so many issues first hand, oops.
    Genius work overall! It’s nice to see a legend come back from time to time.


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