Subway 2

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  • Release date 2022-12-06
  • Version from 2022-11-30
  • Version 1.1
  • RVW-ID 34872
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    84/100 (20 votes)
  • Unconventional car?
  • Construction
  • Engine
  • Transmission
  • Top speed mph
  • Total weight kg
  • Acceleration m/s²
  • Construction 3D Modeling (Original)
  • Track difficulty Medium
  • Track length 937 m
  • Reverse version available? Yes
  • Time trial times available? Yes
  • Practice mode star available? Yes
  • Online multiplayer compatible?

    End of the line for Subway!

    Following the first Subway track, you'll explore a whole station and get challenged by many funky obstacles.
    With a 0 rail warranty.

    If you think you can improve the track in any way (especially AI and Camera), feel free to reach out to me!

    Have fun with it!

12 comments on “Subway 2

  1. Version 1.3 Changelog:
    – Tweaks at the texture shadows at the start grid and the section after the two parallel subways.
    – AI Nodes improved, CPU cars will do less mistakes, specifically on reverse mode, and repositions
    at the jump that goes from the metallic platform into the convenience store has been improved.
    – NCP Materials added to the collision file.
    – Bug fixed where you could get a red X at the stairs hairpin before the big station.
    – Bug fixed with the ceiling of the tunnels at the big station.

  2. I normally don’t like tracks with lots of jumps/drops since it disrupts flow, but Subway 2 is really fun IMO. I really appreciate the improved AI nodes in v1.2 – the CPU does indeed drive much more quickly and makes less mistakes.

  3. Hello everyone, version 1.2 has been released today, here is the changelog:

    – One of the ramps at the smaller subway line next to the bench has been moved closer to the wide ramp after the big U-turn. For normal version it means you have more space after the jump with much lower risk of crashing with the ramp itself, and for reverse version you’ll get the option to take that ramp and jump beyond the wide ramp that blocks the right path before U-turn (
    – Fixes to the collision file. A bug where the camera got closer to your car at some sectors and made the fireworks self-explode if you shoot them at such points, fixed the small gaps at the glasses from the couple of ramps-stairs before the big station that gave you a red X if you went through them and a bug where an AI car could get permanently stuck at a turnstile were solvented plus a 20% reduction of faces by removing unused objects.
    – An arrow has been painted on the floor before the jump that goes after you cross the store/cafeteria (
    – Textures changed for the ramps at the big station ( and some gaps at the ceiling were fixed.
    – Few shading and UV fixes on the main hall area (done by Capitaine SZM)
    – Improvements to the AI nodes, POS nodes, Objects and Triggers.

  4. Hello Kilabarus, thank you for your feedback. I’m going to answer your questions as I was in charge of this update.

    1. All the issues you point at first are tied to the collision file (.ncp) and so it needs to be fixed with blender, which I have no knowledge about how to use it neither I have the time to check it out and learn about it. I know MightyCucumber has done some similar fixes to Casino RV in the past but I also know he’s been busy with IRL stuffs.

    2. About the second point it can be fixed quickly so I may send a hotfix to Capi as soon as possible. That was a lack of testing with that kind of cars from myself.

  5. Superb track, and it’s great that you are ready to continue improving it further

    I liked new pickups placements and improved AI Nodes, however I still have a few things to point out that bugging me

    1. There is a bug in RV with “close-up” camera where rockets you shoot will explode instantly, showed on this video:
    Your track has some places where such thing happens, I screenshoted them:
    I have no idea if it’s possible to get rid of that camera but if it is it would be great

    2. Repos on the trains can kill cars with slow acceleration really hard:
    Would be great if you managed to make them repo further so they can gain enough speed there

    Once again, beautiful track!

  6. Hi everyone!

    You may download this v1.1 updated version of Subway 2, 100% brought to you thanks to EstebanMz.
    Here’s the detailed patch note :

    – .w file has passed through WorldCut by jigebren, which reduces drastically the loading times for users with low-spec hardware (download and more info here
    – AI Nodes has been redone from scratch for both normal and reverse version. Now any reposition issues should’ve been dissapeared and AI for single-player now is quite competitive.
    – Pick-ups has new spawn placements. You can find them more often without leaving the raceline and thus without missing time.
    – Triggers has been tweaked. Some track direction and reposition boxes were modified, so it’s harder to both players and AI to take a wrong way.
    – Time trials and a Practice star has been added. 01:04:000 and 01:14:000 are the times to beat. (Toyeca is the suggested car).
    – Typo in one of the textures fixed. No more “FAIRGOUND” in giant letters, furthermore, all textures are now saved as PNG format.
    – Special thanks to yun for testing and feedback related to the changes to the AI.

  7. Phenomenal track, miles better in terms of raceline compared to Subway 1 while keeping the visuals on a high. I think you’ve executed this track flawlessly, way ahead of your previous creations, for sure your best track overall.

    I love the sheer amount of choices you have on how you want to play the track. It’s so open to your imagination, there’s so many racelines it’s mindblowing. You can take multiple sections in at least 4 different ways, they all make sense and are viable.

    But precisely this point is why I want to bring attention to an issue with this. Most of these don’t have nodes, and thus repositions all across the track are really bad. I highly suggest you add alot more nodes to the track so the repositions aren’t as punishing.

  8. I’ve been waiting for this track since the moment I found out you were working on it. And here he is. Yes, Yun has already said a lot of things, but I will add something else from myself.

    This, like Subway 1, is a great track. I am amazed by your ideas for the racing line. Racing in a warehouse, through a cafe, a store…

    – 1)The biggest disadvantage is bugs with reposition. You can see it in the place where Yun showed. But I’m also annoyed by repos in the place where you have to jump trains. I was playing on a Carneon, and because of its collision, I turned over and fell into a hole. But then I respawn right at the stairs, and I have to go through it all again. There is also a bug on Reverse, which I showed you in Discord. 2)Some bugs with textures. It’s nothing to worry about, it’s in almost every track. The biggest bug is on the descent in that place with trains. 3) As it seemed to me, the track has little Shading\Lights, I would like to see more. 4) Minor issues in the models.
    + 1)I want to highlight all the posters right away. I have been looking at each of them with pleasure. 2) Again a great racing line. 3) High-quality textures and models. 4) And everything else that makes this track different from the others.

    In general, good job, Capi! I finally waited for its release! Keep it up!
    And my video:

  9. You’ve done well to the Subway series, with outstanding detail and texturing, it really does feel like you’re running RC cars in a subway station! It’s an awesome experience and feeling for Re-Volt specifically, absolutely nailed it.

    But just like life, there’s always issues, the main one, and the most obvious one, being the lack of pickups. Or better put: The lack of pickups IN the race line. You have to go too much out of your way to get a pickup making you lose precious seconds, or making yourself vulnerable for someone with a pickup, depending on the car you’re using (understeery cars, cars that land terribly, slow acceleration ones, you name it.) and making it feel like a pickups off race, not very fond of it. It doesn’t help that most pickups are on awkward spots such as in the stairs, areas that are known to make your car spin out of control, not cool at all.

    The second one that comes to mind is the loading times. They are atrocious, specially for people who lack better hardware and have no means to upgrade, might wanna check that out IF possible, no pressure.

    And third being some of the reposition triggers and bad reposition places. Fell off into the train tracks? Wanna repo? It’s okay, but you get sent all the way back for no apparent reason. There are plenty more spots (stairs and wheelchair ramps, the part in which you go onto the metro roofs) and those being the most easy parts to get people off the track is not… optimal.

    I also noticed the AI doesn’t behave well and tends to lack, specially because they take the most awkward lines they can calculate or use, they particularly like to get stuck on the slalom section at the boarding points, and that an experienced player can just take the shortest route at any given moment (good for Multiplayer and Time Trials as it reinforces map knowledge but not so much for Singleplayer that’s more casual in terms of play) which IS something I personally like. I also had no problems getting to know the track despite the sheer size and complexity, kudos on those design aspects.

    Since I lack any knowledge into mapping and AI nodes in this game I cannot do much more than just comment and send feedback, but the track can become top tier if it’s tweaked in the right aspects. Still, impressive job regardless of the issues at hand!

    As a bonus, here’s a demo video I made, showcasing the lack of pickups (and the weird spots they are in too) in the main racing line:
    Repo bug and AI failing for reference:


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