User-Deli: XL

  • Download count 146
  • Unique foldername user-delixl
  • Skin for
  • Based on
  • Release date 2022-06-26
  • Version from 2022-05-09
  • Version 1.2
  • RVW-ID 33487
  • Category
  • Score
    86/100 (34 votes)
  • Unconventional car?
  • Construction
  • Engine
  • Transmission
  • Top speed mph
  • Total weight kg
  • Acceleration m/s²
  • Construction Track Editor (Lego)
  • Track difficulty Extreme
  • Track length 390 m
  • Reverse version available? No
  • Time trial times available? Yes
  • Practice mode star available? Yes

    User-Deli: XL

    An extended edition of the original masterpiece User-Deli. This track features a challenging racing line and multitude of available paths for racers to drive through. It has two main alternative paths towards the finish line, and contains many stars for players to go for, each one of them located at a difficult to access location to balance the experience. Pickups are balanced.

    At first the track was questioned and misunderstood by many, yet it prevailed an amazing creation and a must play for anybody who enjoys trying out and racing on Lego tracks. This award-winning track (RVA Lego Track Contest of 2022) has been raced on by many players now, and it has always delivered fun, enjoyable races for everybody.

    I would like to thank the beta-testers body for helping balance and adjust the track over the course of its development.

    Beta Testers

    • Gforce
    • Macacosky
    • Yun
    • Loq
    • Burdang
    • Michel
    • TomDom
    • Antelocazo
    • TTDriver
    • EstebanMZ
    • Norfair
    • Osvaldox
    • Nahaliel
    • Honk
    • Ghostercat
    • Pallo
    • Waluigi MB
    • Lopesca
    • Laggeerok
    • Gorgon
    • Kevin
    • xPete
    • Powerate
    • Erzu
    • Beto


    I would also like to thank Zeino again for his help on the track, as its creation wouldn't have been possible without him.

    Update 1.2

    This verison bundles in a fix for red Xs you could get whilst driving close to walls and landing on specific locations of the track. Thanks again Zeino for the fixes.

28 comments on “User-Deli: XL

  1. Like Tiorotti, I remember trying to use Re-Volt’s Track Editor as a kid and my tracks were awful.

    In the modern day, we have much more sophisticated editing tools available to us, and many wonderful tracks have been made with them. Yet, despite its constraints, tracks made in the original Track Editor give me a special feeling that modern tracks don’t, and they deserve a seat at the table too — especially when it’s as fun as this one xd

    I really enjoy the way this track offers the driver multiple routes, as has been done in tracks like Urban X and Route-77 etc. User-Deli: XL takes the concept a step further by placing stars on the slower routes, making the routes much more attractive — if you can manage to grab the star ofc!

    Some people surely have complaints about the basic atmosphere. Sure, it’s minimalist, it’s using the initial editor. But that somehow adds to the novelty of it given its extreme design, with the steep arches and blind leaps, over-the-top bumps (and bumpers), and generally bizarre layout. It’s minimal but also Lovecraftian and egregious in the best way possible. And it somehow manages to still keep a (mostly) reliable, albeit dangerous, race line. How?! I dunno but it’s really fun, especially when you’re at the bumper part at the end of the track on the final lap and someone’s right in front of you but they mess up the bumper and you hit the perfect line like you’re Ryan Lockwood in the Streets 1:12 video. The double. Body armor. Two quick ones. Extreme. Gaming. Moment.

    Also, shoutout to every RVA lego track that has been in rotation so far — Calaboq, Tetanic, and H(8)ty are all really outstanding as well, but as a lover of absurd things, this track is my favorite out of them.

  2. I wanna bow for this great masterpiece. That’s one of the best tracks all time in the Re-Volt history. I hung up promotion for that in my town!

  3. I feel like this is a fever dream, how the hell a lego track like this one got super a high rating? I am starting to think the rating system is a bit flawed and full blow abuse of 5 starring too much. What can I say about this track? First, I am not a RVA player, yet am South American and I don’t get this track. Sure it may be a wiinner for a RVA Contest Track of sorts but, the flow despite given the ability of multiple paths…It’s nbot very enjoyable. There are better Lego Tracks than this one.

    Yet, this hthing done broke the double digits of ratings. Like this tracks is one major shitpost meant to dunk on other tracks.

    Others will say I just don’t get it, and that’s fine. Taste is completely subjective – I just don’t think this track is that much fun. That is all.

  4. It seems to be the first lego track to enter the top list of revolt world !
    But I think the rating system does not correspond with a lego track. Especially the “Visuals, Artdesign, Atmosphere” part.
    Of course, you can choose not to rate it, but i think that is not very fair.
    It is however a master piece, without a doubt !!!

  5. A masterpiece from lego tracks
    The pace is very well done, weird at 1st try, but once you get the rythm, you will enjoy the complete track and better with your friends, ichaos and overtakes are guaranted!

  6. I don’t know what on earth is going on in this comment section to be fair…
    I must say it is a good track, the race line is good even though it’s a Lego, it’s very good for Practice or Time Trial. I would love to see the same race lines on a custom track! (Yes, there are many jumps and steep climbs and descents but I think that it can be improvable!)
    There are a few downsides, I must say. Let’s start with the shortcuts: they’re way too misleading. Usually when it comes to a shortcut, it’s easy to find but on this track it’s pretty confusing considering the fact that there are many, way many crossroads;
    the pickups. Oh dear, I’ve never seen so many of them in only one track… way too many. It means chaos in both singleplayer and multiplayer, and the track risks to be not enjoyable;
    last but not least, racing in singleplayer or multiplayer with different cars… isn’t really fun or challenging: the main problem is that the AI screws itself at some point, and they don’t make any progress in track anymore, being stuck in many points, even in the shortcuts. From my point of view, a track isn’t supposed to “naturally select” the competitively of a class of cars because of a steep climb, for example in stock tracks, cars always have their way of making it to the finish line…
    In conclusion, it’s a fun track, trying its best to separate itself from the concept of a Lego track being foregone, eventually succeeding! It just needs some little improvement here and there ^^

  7. Well here I am, commenting this masterpiece which should absolutely be in a museum for the future generations. They must SEE IT!
    Made mainly thanks to the good old BGM’s friend which increases the will of the tester to try it out, this track is absolutely perfect for endurance, 1 Lap or just standing there and enjoying the latino landscape. Every meter of this track let you think about your past life and let you predict your future one, opening a mini black-hole in the left side of the brain and ripping the space-time.
    You don’t have to thank us for downloading and playing on this track, we have to thank you!

  8. There have been many things that have strongly affected my life, in my 17 years of my short existence there have been things that simply define a before and an after. It was today at 19: 14 when in the RVA session hosted by BGM, I played for the first time this one, it was one of the experiences where I felt more alive, every second that passed while the track was shown to me while driving Siri, tears welled up in my eyes and I couldn’t resist getting excited, at the end of the race I finished last after a long battle against the user Lopesca but undoubtedly from this moment my life changed, and from now on I am no longer a human being, I am an individual who has transcended the limits of his existence.

  9. Thanks @Kiwi for sharing your opinion on User-Deli!

    The preview picture does have a backstory! The track thumbnail is the server image of ElMedievo, my Discord server, and the story behind it is quite stupid lol.

    Back when I was in high school we had to prepare sort of a “countries fair” for English class, where we were devided in groups of 3-4 people and assigned a country to represent at the fair. In order to represent the country we had to prepare a stand with stuff for people to look at, and treats typical of that place for others to try. The guy you see on the picture is a good friend of mine who was in the group which had to represent Vatican City, and our stand happened to be directly in front of his. At some point I was bored af, and saw him grab that bottle you see on the picture, so i took out my phone and swiftly took a picture at that very moment xD.

    The thing lived on to be our Discord’s server image because at first we were mostly classmates there, but eventually the server became public and users from all over the world got to see the picture with no context whatsoever. I personally found it pretty fun so I left it there lul

  10. Downloaded it out of curiosity and I gotta say, it nails it where it counts…. the fun factor! Even as a rookie racer, I could still appreciate the thought and dilemmas that the track presents. I just want to keep playing it to try and find new and fun routes.

    Just, excellent! 👍

  11. Overall a very fun, yet challenging track. The raceline is pretty interesting, most of the time you’re going up and down with split paths here and there giving the feel of a stunt-like track. Not only there are some funky shortcuts on it, but also some pathways that, while slower than the habitual route, are pretty fun to take and give yourself a little challenge. Lots of pickups around too, which leads to crazy and chaotic races. All those elements created one of the most enjoyable tracks I have ever raced.

  12. I started playing revolt when I was a kid (8 years old). The game was fucking amazing. I discovered the map creator and tried to make a map. Needless to say It was dumpster fire. I have a lot of respect to the guy that is still to this day, putting out new content for the game to enjoy. And the track is really good. For a rusty player like me to have enjoyed the track it speaks volume of the creator and this map.
    God bless

  13. I don’t submit too many comments on tracks either, but this masterpiece demanded it! This track has an absolutely awesome and flawless racing line. LEGO tracks often lack that, unlike this one. Releasing a pure LEGO track in this day and age is BRAVE, but BGM (and of course, Zeino) somehow made it work!

    Disclaimer: BGM is NOT holding a gun to my head during the writing this comment.

  14. One of craziest and enjoyable tracks i’ve raced.
    Lots of paths to take and some unpredictable chaos to burn some good time.

  15. Best track i have ever played in my life. Truly a masterpiece by BGM. It is a hard track, really need skill and luck to ace this track perfectly. Some chaotic and funny track. Anyway
    Looking forward for Lego tracks like this, lmao
    Gg bgm

  16. Before to play this track i never believed in god, but after i ran it i understood the divinal secrets of his racing line, his stars and the number of pickups. Finally i encountered the real Re-volt (RVGL) experience, when i ended the track i started to cry so hard, just because of the beauty of this masterpiece. We will never have a track like this on Re-volt, this is over of every custom and stock track of the game, and of course, is overqualified for this game.

  17. I’ve never commented or given ratings to any creations until now, so only writing this should tell you why.
    An absolute masterclass of a track, who would have though a track this good can be created with only the track editor.
    I hope the rvgl fix will bring the same impression as this track, but since both includes our boy BGM I have no doubts about it.
    Big up!

  18. What else can i say besides what’s been already told here? nothing, it’s already clear this track is absolute perfection. For such a simple joke to turn into something that really takes some good skill to properly master it is quite an achievement.

  19. This track is perfection and shows the duality of the RVA player when confronted with decisions.

  20. First time racing in this track, the only thoughts that came to my mind were “What. WHAT? WHY WILL WE RACE THIS WEEKLY IN RVA!?”

    This is a weird one, like a work of art with varying perspectives; In the surface, there’s a module-vomited gag that went too far and is borderline playable. But some players dug into it, and found a deeply technical course with a high skill ceiling. Don’t ask me how, though, I didn’t go past that unassuming surface…

    But even through this duality, people find joy and fierce competition between the madness of blocks. It’s endearing, in it’s own way… And you can’t blame anyone for that.

    Kudos for making such a chaotic, yet competitive lego track, BGM.

  21. Although this track is a classic Lego-track (no texture-adjustments or object/instance placements were done), I really enjoyed playing it. The raceline is very well-made, and it feels like there was put a lot of thought into it. I only played it in Singleplayer mode so far, but I bet it’s very fun in multiplayer. The placement of the pickups and stars looks good. The only thing I didn’t liked that much, was the several steep parts in a row, which prohibit a 100% flow-rating from my side. But everything else – very nice! Good to see some nice classic Lego-tracks released every now and then.

    Oh, I nearly forgot. I really like the preview picture. It’s exactly like a lot of the Lego-tracks released in the hayday of Re-Volt did it. May I ask, if there is some kind of a story behind this picture?


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